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Jan 25, 2010 09:12 AM

Any fun food project ideas for a birthday celebration?

I love getting together with friends to do food-related activities - apple picking, Christmas cookie baking, etc. So, my birthday is coming up next month, and I'd like to have a birthday party-slash-food project day at my place, but I'm not sure what to do. Something where everyone can participate and hopefully enjoy the finished product all in a few hours, with not too much skill required. Some advance prep is fine. I thought about making a few varieties of breads, but that might take too long. Maybe a tapas party where I pass out recipes and ingredients? Hmm, I don't want it to feel like work...
Also, vegetarian is better, but not a must.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tapas is nice but a little tough for the vegetarian aspect.
    How about quick breads/scones/muffins or another baking project?
    It's still winter and there's not a lot of special food things happening now but maybe a soup party? Many recipes for quick soups right here on Chow.

    1. How about making cupcakes; big top cupcakes would be fun (you can buy these at cvs and bed bath and beyond).

      1. Ravioli or chinese dumplings! These actually are best to do with a big crowd of people to help fill & fold/shape.

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          Oh, dumplings! I hadn't thought of that. A definite possibility.

        2. Make pizzas!
          You can accomodate veggies, meat eaters and have a blast with your toppings.
          You can make the dough ahead of time, too. I use a very simple, easy recipe from Tyler Florence Food 911.
          I love making serial pizzas because you get almost instant gratification. While you're eating one pizza, another is baking away.
          Happy Bday and have fun!
          ps....fondue is also a hoot.

          1. Depending on the number of guests, fondue could be fun! Borrow multiple pots, and try hot-oil or broth (like asian hot-pot), cheese, and of course, chocolate! Lots of prep work in cutting things up, make several dipping sauces. Easy to go vegetarian, too. Make meatballs to fry in the oil. is kind of a blah site, but gave me great ideas for my new year's eve fondue party. Have fun!