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Jan 25, 2010 08:25 AM

Grilled Cheese To Go - Milford, CT

Article on the recently opened joint in the CT Post Mall. Not really a gourmet destination but worth a shot if you're stuck in the mall and don't want to narrow your option down to Panera.

We went there Saturday and although the kids working the counter slightly burnt my children's sandwiches they were decent grilled cheese offerings. Variations of breads and cheeses plus bacon, etc.. as toppings. Prices were OK and the place was MOBBED for quite a while during our visit. Which kind of hampered the process a little. Expect to wait a least 15 minutes after your order is taken during a crowded time, unless they work out the kinks and get the "chefs" to work a little more expeditiously.

Worth a shot though. Especially for families with kids.

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  1. I was also there early Saturday afternoon, and although there was virtually no line waiting to place an order, there were about 6 groups in line waiting to pickup their orders. There are 3 employees on hand, one takes orders, one assembles the sandwiches and sides, the 3rd grills the sandwiches.

    A simple, straightforward menu with choice of cheese, bread and toppings, plus soup, chips and drinks. The combo with sandwich (no toppings), soup & drink is a good deal.

    I ordered one of their 3 suggested sandwiches, a lite swiss on multigrain bread. After a 7 or 8 minute delay, it was ready. Tasted just fine, properly grilled, just what you'd expect if you did it yourself.

    1. Interesting concept. These guys took a leave of absence from the School of Mgmt at Yale to get this business off the ground. I'd love to see them succeed! If they can make a go of it at the Post Mall what's next? Trumbull Mall could use some upgrades at the food court...

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        They will have a much better chance at success if they can figure out how to make a good grilled cheese- the one I had (the classic) was terrible! No buttery taste to the bread, cheese not melted- and hardly any on the sandwich- bread over-toasted, almost burnt on 1 side... I was really hoping it would be better (but I would have been ok with "as good") as what I make at home.

        1. re: JenJeninCT

          At least the order-taker didn't drop the ball! Their setup seems to be pretty idiot-proof. How hard can it be to throw a pre-measured amount of cheese (and options) between a couple of slices of bread and then grill it on a timer? Unless of course you ignore the pre-measured amounts and decide to wing it on the grill time. Mine came out just fine; I guess YMMV.