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Jan 25, 2010 08:12 AM

help covert leftover dip into a dinner

I made a southwestern type dip -- corn, black bean, cheese, jalepeno, little sour cream, etc...
I have a good amount left over- what can I do with it to use it up? Any thoughts? Only thought was quesadilla/soft taco or mexican salad- anything else???

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    1. An enchilada type thing? Roll your dip up in softened tortillas or cook up meat for filling and use the dip as the topping.

        1. you could make an easy variation of an empanada by mashing the dip with potatoes - use puff pastry and fill with the potato/dip mixture and bake until golden

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          1. Quesadillas? Use it as a filling or topping, or as enchilada filling would be great. I think using it in soup might be rather unattractive.