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Ocean City, MD

In a couple of weekends, I am heading to Ocean City Maryland for a girls weekend. Anybody have any recommendations for bars/restaurants besides the typical Green Turtle. Seacrets, etc...

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  1. Search the board - you will find many valid threads. .. The second floor of the place where Burger King used to be on the boardwalk was a nice surprise for me last summer. I didn't eat, but a great spot for drinks - especially if it is cold. Always hard to guess what is open this time of the year.

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      Try Liquid Assests - good bar scene, good food.

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        Agree wholehearedly with this. Totally different style than most of Ocean City - it's a great wine bar, and a great place to grab a snack or a light dinner. If you're in your early 20s you might not be into the crowd, although it varies, but if you're early 30s, you'd probably love it. It's about as opposite from Seacrets as you could really get.

        My husband and I are 30, and we really liked it as a place to kick things off and grab a snack before heading out to rowdier places, and, yes, we did end up at Seacrets at the end of the night.

    2. Bull on the Beach is a good local joint. Drinks are large and fairly cheap, oysters are very fresh. We were there over the holidays and hit it twice. It was decent. I believe it's around 47th on the ocean side.

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        We frequent the location at 94th St whenever we're in OC. Lots of locals there too.

        Another good bar is Smitty McGee's in Fenwick Island.

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          It probably was 97th. We were staying at the Hilton. Sat in the hotel bar for 15 minutes and never saw a soul. We gave up and drove north until we saw a full parking lot. Bull on the Beach was it. A lucky shot in the dark. We liked it so well we went back the next night.

      2. Fager's Island and Secrets will probably be the best two places this time of year. I have always enjoyed Big Peckers for a inexpensive lunch that is a bit better than the typical fast food. Cast aways is also pretty decent and i'm not sure if fish tales is still open this time of year.

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          Check out Tequila Mockingbird for great margaritas and good apps at the bar.

        2. We have always enjoyed La Hacienda, next to South Moon Under. They served a 'Neptune Burrito' that was stuffed with shrimp, lump crab, and scallops...quite tasty. Good margaritas, too. Nantucket's, right on the edge of Fenwick Island, is delicious. Nothing earth-shatteringly unique, but quality 'New American'.

          1. I've always enjoyed Kirby's Pub up at 94th. Just a local bar, but great steamed shrimp and reasonably priced bottles of beer, along with a lively crowd. Everything you want a bar to be, if not particularly beachy.

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              We stopped at this place, but it was closed, as it was between Christmas and New Years. I'll put it on the list

            2. Blue Coast in Bethany is a great fish/seafood restaurant

              1. It depends on what is more important to you - bar/drinks, atmosphere, good food, view...

                Seacrets, is good for some bar food and the drinks and atmosphere is pretty good, in the winter they have pretty good HH specials. Fagers - when there's live entertainment can be pretty good, food is hit or miss, and so is the service in the restaurant. If you don't mind that, then it's cool. Turtle's always good for non-pretentious bar scene. Burger is great, and so is most of the bar food.

                If you want something a little fancier, try Galaxy 66. It's probably too cold for the rooftop bar, but they have a nice bar indoors, pretty tasty eats, as well and happy hour specials.

                Fish Tales is a good spot as well, kind of like how Seacrets was before they became Disneyworld for adults huge.

                The Globe in Berlin (about 20 mins. away) is a cool place, check out their live entertainment. It changes, but there's almost always something.

                And if you're checking out Berlin, there's the Tea by the Sea as well, if you're looking for something to do in the afternoon, not sure about Winter hours though. The bar at the Atlantic Hotel was a good spot when it was Solstice, but I haven't been by since the folks from Fagers took it over, I think the bar is probably still a cool hangout, but food is probably eh. I'd probably go to the Globe if you're asking.

                Sunset Grille in West OC is nice as well. Waterfront, good food, nice bar.

                I've heard positive things about Liquid Assets as well.

                If you have actual places in mind, list them up and I'll try my best to answer if I know something about it. Have fun!

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                  Sunset Grille is enormously popular with locals.