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Jan 25, 2010 07:57 AM

Pie and Bagels Near Kingston/Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park? (MAYBE New Paltz?)

I put on large bicycle rides for a living. (A thousand people all pedaling to the same place on the same day...) We do a lot of food, and two things we always serve are bagels at the start line, and homemade-style pie in a variety of flavors at one of our snack stops. We also like to buy local whenever we can. We pay for this stuff -- not seeking a donation,

I've been searching for a place to buy 25 dozen bagels and 50 - 100 pies this summer between, say, Poughkeepsie and Germantown (either side of the river) and I've had no luck. They don't need to be from the same place.

What I DO know:

o All of the bagel places I've found so far don't bake them there -- they're buying them elsewhere.

o Culinary Institute can't/won't do it.

o Deising bakery in Kingston is always a favorite to drop by for a cider doughnut or a bear claw, but I am unimpressed with their pies. (If you think I'm wrong feel free to kick me!)

o The lovely bakery in Tivoli politely declined. (My hat is off to them -- the owner/baker said, "We have a small kitchen and every day we sell out and we don't really want to take on more.")

SO... has anyone found a favorite pie or bagel in this area? New Paltz is getting kinda off the track, but I would consider it if necessary).

We want bagels in the usual flavors.

The pies must be a variety of flavors and the place must be able to provide 50 - 100 pies. (So that wonderful grandma you know who occasionally sells ONE pie isn't going to work here!)

Your advice welcome here!


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  1. when my supply of bagels from nyc or northern nj runs out, i go with either:
    price chopper, POK or
    hopewell bagels, on vassar road in POK.

    i know mentioning p.c. is blasphemous. i still get them there because i can't find any other places (other than hopewell) which are done as well in POK or the neighboring towns.

    if you want to go local, i'd definitely recommend hopewell bagels. since they have two stores, i assume they can fit your needs.

    1. i like the pies at the pastry garden. there's a location in poughkeepsie on rt. 44 next to adams...i think hopewell bagels is your best bet. i really haven't found a bagel place around here that i like that much though...

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        oh, my fave pies in the area are at catskill cake company...(gardiner)

      2. Bread Alone Bakery in Boiceville. About 20/25 minutes from Kingston.

        Quite popular. Nice pies, breads and cookies. Not sure about bagels tho'. Since i don't eat them I never noticed if they had them. Here is web site that has phone at bottom of the page if you like more info:

        1. Hudson Valley Dessert Company. Main Street Saugerties. Very good pie.

          1. You mentioned Deising's for pies but not bagels. I've never gone in and bought a dozen from them but whenever I am eating breakfast there I always have a toasted bagel and it's always delicious.

            I have had pies from Adam's on several occasions and they have always been good.