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Recipe Organizer

What is your favorite recipe organizer?
I want one that is online and that I can get for iphone as well.

I have looked at a few, but I can't pick.


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  1. I, too, would be interested in any suggestions people have on recipe organization - specifically for the iPhone.

    Most of the apps are cheap, but if I have to buy them all before I find one that's functional, then it's not so cheap anymore. :D


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    1. re: nickblesch

      I've been using Pepperplate for a few months now and I LOVE it. It's a free app and it lets you upload recipes from a number of supported websites, add them manually (cut & Paste is fine) from your own documents, and share them with others. www.pepperplate.com

      1. re: CindyJ

        It looks really good, especially entering recipes manually. They are not too particular about the style (which is good and bad). Only drawback is, they do not have a desktop software. I am still not sold on 'life in the cloud' concept so prefer to have stuff locally. Otherwise, I have been using Tastebook on and off (tastebook.com) Its also good website but certainly would prefer Pepperplate over tastebook.

        I so love MacGourmet Deluxe that if they come up with PC version, will pay without any second thought, even though they do not offer free sync to mobile devices.

    2. I have and very much like MacGourmet Deluxe. I use this software on my Mac but they also have an iPhone app available. I don't own an iPhone or iPod Touch (though I'm mighty tempted by the iPad) so I can't offer any specific review of the iPhone app but if it is up to the same standards as the full application it would be good. To use the iPhone app you also need the full app on your computer. If you don't own a Mac then this is moot since there is no Windows version.

      Here is the link for MacGourmet: http://macgourmet.com/
      They have information there about the iPhone app (which must be purchased through the AppStore). They also have a link to Mariner Software which sells MacGourmet Deluxe which is simply a bundle of the main application plus plugins for nutrition, meal planning and cookbook building. The bundle is much cheaper than purchasing the plugins individually.

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      1. re: kmcarr

        According to the reviews, you can't add recipes to the iPhone app except by syncing them from the computer - disappointing, because the thing I want most is a good recipe organizer and I don't want to have to buy both the $25 computer program and a $5 app just to do that.

        That said, the program does have excellent reviews, and if I decide to splurge I may give it a shot anyway.

        1. re: nickblesch

          I'm a visual and user interfacer /interaction designer and I have been looking for a smartphone-based (read: iPhone) recipe organizer myself and came across this posting. I know this is a month old, but it touches on the same things I'm looking for: a recipe organizer that is a standalone that doesn't rely on using recipes from other people (i.e. epicurious, betty crocker...). The only thing that looks somewhat successful so far is recipeShelf. Unfortunately you need webserver space. FAIL.

          I actually use my phone to shop and cook with and I'm thinking that I'll have to make this application myself—I'm just wondering if anyone would actually use what I'd like to make?

          1. re: pixeltan

            I've started playing with EverNote a bit for my purposes, and it is barely adequate at best. I would definitely be interested in an app that was built from the ground up for recipe entering, storage, and organizing.

      2. My sister, an artist, painted her favorite recipes in calligraphy right onto her kitchen wall. :-)

        1. Since I tend to get a lot of recipes from the internet and from friends, here is what I did. Thankfully, I have the use of a laminator. First, I purchased a three-ring binder and page dividers with tabs. I labeled each section--i.e., appetizers, meat dishes, veggies, holiday..and so on and so forth. Then I printed said recipes or typed them and laminated them. I used a three-hole punch to get the three-holes in the laminated recipe and placed them into the binder. What I love about the lamination, is that since I am a very messy cook, I can get the recipe all messed up and then wipe it clean.
          Hope this helps.

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          1. re: jarona

            No electronic storage here, either. If I find a recipe I like, I tend to copy it into a Word doc, making ad hoc collections. If I find a site I like (for example, http://californiafigs.com/index.php) I'll spend the time to take ALL the recipes listed, copy them into a Word doc, and publish it for my use. As lamination can get very expensive, I usually have a couple of open-at-the-top sheet protectors around so I can pull a recipe and protect it while I'm working it. I also hang the in-work recipes from a magnet on the range hood, so it's out of the way, but still readily available as I work.

          2. I have a windows mobile phone and have equickrecipes software loaded on it.
            I can add recipes via my phone or pc.

            However, I also have the pc software Living Cookbook and like it a WHOLE lot more.

            The phone app is nice for quick reference of things I might cook frequently.. but for ongoing organization and maintenance.. I like Living Cookbook.. and I can export into a word document and use with word on my phone as well.

            I'm sure the Iphone has an app that can read word docs.

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            1. re: grnidkjun

              I would like to resurrect this topic for 2012.

              My current organization includes different folders in Dropbox and recipes in pdf or text files. Works pretty well actually, its on laptop, iPad and Android Phone. But I am looking for more precise organization, hence a decent desktop application with web abilities is welcome.

              All I could find so far is BigOven but its not free. I wonder what other folks are doing. I am not comfortable using EverNote or Springpad as many a times they do not clip the webpages correctly.

              1. re: vegiefudie

                I have been using Evernote. I love it. You can share folders and I assume (none of my friends did it yet) that they can also add recipes.
                Now I have same recipes on my computer, iphone and ipad. Really useful. You can even take pictures and use that in the recipes too.

                1. re: sabinaHahn

                  My only concern with Evernote is, what about my recipes in pdf format? With the free Evernote, will you ever reach a limit? 60mb is just so little. My current size of recipe folder is 123mb.

                  1. re: vegiefudie

                    It's 60 Mb a month. I find that it is enough. Most of the time. But I am adding recipes one at at time when I have a moment and not at once.

            2. I've been using both pepper plate (the app and website) for a couple of months now, and www.eatyourbooks.com (website only: I dream of the day they give me an app...) for the last year. Pepper plate is free. And useful. But eatyourbooks has changed the extent to which I use my cookbooks, helped me to cook more and cook better, and been just tremendous fun. It's probably one of the best purchases I've made in the last 12 months.

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              1. re: linengirl

                I totally agree with you about EYB. I find myself turning to cookbooks I haven't opened in years. But then I always wish I could click on a link and see the recipe.

                1. re: linengirl

                  thank you for the link. I am trying the website out.

                2. Paprika is my favorite. love the ability to sync between my mac and iPhone. And I also love the bookmarklet that allows me to instantly add recipes from websites.

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                  1. re: jacbo6

                    This is exactly what I am looking for but with Windows, IPad and Android support.

                    1. re: vegiefudie

                      @vegiefudie: Pepperplate is free and works for Windows (even Windows 8), Safari, Firefox, and Internet explorer/ Mac and PC. It organizes/syncs recipes, shopping lists, menus, and even puts menus on a calendar. I t has apps for Android, Iphone, Kindle and Nook. They have a bookmarklet app for your PC/Mac, you can use an url to copy in a recipe or paste in a word document. Not sure about PDFs. Ironically, I found out about this on Chowhound like an hour ago after searching for a better way to organize recipes and am very impressed with the capabilities so far. Their intro page is super informative with no comittment needed. I am actually an ex-pastry chef with a crazy person collection of recipes I have found online on blogs and websites, cookbooks and handwritten and photo copied recipes and word docs!. I need to be able to view, organize and sync recipes, shopping lists and menus at work on my PC, at home on my Macbook, and on my Android when shopping..good stuff. I actually have been pinning recipes (on Pinterest) to organize them but this is not helpful when I need to shop or still have to print recipes to write a shopping list. Peppertree looks v. promising. Eat your books looks awesome for my cookbooks (especially the ones I no longer have due to a move and people borrowing them!) Good luck.

                      1. re: Roxyhart75

                        +1 for Pepperplate. I discovered it through Chow a few months ago and I love it, as well. It is also associate with a couple of dozen of the more popular recipe site, and by simply downloading their "Add to Pepperplate" link and putting it into your Favourites bar, if you're one of those site, you click on the bookmark, it opens a window, click "Add to Pepperplate" and the entire recipe is automatically added to your profile. Which are all accessible through their free app, as well.
                        But using that same feature, if you're on a site that is not one of those listed, you can still copy and paste directly from the site to the window (including a picture).
                        It was one of the first apps I download when I got my new tablet. :)