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Getting tired of beef, lamb and goat - ready to try something new

Ok, I'll never be tired of lamb. But still, are there any restaurants in NJ or NYC to try other kinds of meat besides beef/lamb/goat/etc.? I'm just looking for something different.

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  1. You mean like chicken? or Fish?

    1. Seitan, or Wheat Gluten.

      1. I don't know about restaurants in your area, but a friend just came back from hunting in northern Canada with some caribou. I made a nice stew but much better was incredibly delicious caribou steaks. I love all kinds of venison. Also delicious: rabbit, which can be substituted for chicken in almost any recipe.

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          Yeah, folks - I didn't mean chicken, fish, or meat/poultry substitutes. I meant more like different game or other non-mainstream meat (for example, caribou, like gerchak198 suggested).

          So now that it's clarified, does anyone have any suggestions to *where* I can find my different meat, as in specific restaurants in NJ or NYC?

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            Can you get fresh Bison in your area? Most Shoprites have fresh ground Bison. I used it for tacos recently.

            Oops, just realized you were talking about restaurants, sorry!

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              Actually, a fair number of diners have bison burgers. (This may not be quite what you're looking for.)

              West Lake (Matawan) has frogs' legs.

          2. German restaurants often have game dishes .
            Killimeyer's in Staten Island comes to mind .

            1. Try the Sergeantsville Inn, Sergeantsville, NJ. They're currently serving Buffalo, Pheasant, Venison and more.


              1. Picholine is well-known for serving wild game in season. Scottish game is the focus of their current tasting menu. We had it at the end of November. Superb!

                Photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                On the current tasting menu, wood pigeon has taken the place of the grouse.


                1. MGPaneer, for NYC restaurants you will have to post elsewhere. Here in NJ there don't seem to be many restaurants that offer much outside the ordinary. I doubt, for example, that you're going to find seal flipper pie here (when prepared properly, it's actually quite good).

                  Lambertville Station Restaurant has frequently offered wild game but I don't see anything on their on-line menu. Since on-line menus are often badly out of date, I suggest you phone them and ask.

                  Venison often shows up on menus but I have to say that I’ve never had venison in a restaurant that can compare with venison dishes prepared by a German friend of mine. I have found venison at the Frenchtown Inn and, as already noted above, the Sergeantsville Inn. Stage Left in New Brunswick also offers venison. Wild boar often appears in some appetizers but I've seen it in main dishes at the Fox and Hound Tavern in Lebanon and Origin Thai in Somerville. The Rocky Hill Inn also has wild boar along with a dish that combines bison, venison and rabbit.

                  As noted, bison burgers are fairly common but I had a very nice bison hanger steak at the Glen Gardner Inn. This restaurant also offers an ostrich steak.

                  Pheasant seems to be less common than I'd expect but I had it some time ago at the Harvest Moon Inn in Flemington. The Blue Bottle Café in Hopewell also offers pheasant though I've not had it there.

                  Finally, I had the most wonderful sweetbreads at the Pluckemin Inn in Bedminster late last year. However, the dish was a special so at any given time you may or may not find it on the menu. I'm told that Blu in Montclair has a sweetbreads appetizer.

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                    We had dinner at the Pluckemin Inn a few weeks ago. First time we'd ever been there. Sweetbreads and venison are on the current menu, both excellent. Quail was a special that evening. Good but not great. Foie gras was delicious. Desserts were so-so.

                    Photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


                  2. Old thread, but with the arrival of fall a lot of NJ restaurants are again offering game on their menus.

                    I had lunch the other day at Gourmet Expressions, a wonderful little country restaurant near Oldwick in Hunterdon County. I happened to check their dinner menu and noticed that they are currenly offering elk osso buco. The only time I had elk was in Montana. They also offer buffalo hanger steak, though that is fairly common these days.

                    If you're interested, be aware that Gourmet Expressions does dinner from Wed through Sat only.


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                      Clydz's in New Brunswick features Exotic Game Meats.

                      I've only been once, and it was pretty good.

                      I beleive I ate Rattlesnake, Antelope, and Bison? in that trip.

                      55 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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                        I'll second that - every time I've been to Clydz it's been good. I've had antelope, kangaroo and wild boar as well. Today's menu has python, yak and elk.

                        55 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

                    2. Wow, maybe Andrew Zimmern will hit NJ...