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Jan 25, 2010 07:30 AM

Getting tired of beef, lamb and goat - ready to try something new

Ok, I'll never be tired of lamb. But still, are there any restaurants in NJ or NYC to try other kinds of meat besides beef/lamb/goat/etc.? I'm just looking for something different.

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  1. You mean like chicken? or Fish?

    1. Seitan, or Wheat Gluten.

      1. I don't know about restaurants in your area, but a friend just came back from hunting in northern Canada with some caribou. I made a nice stew but much better was incredibly delicious caribou steaks. I love all kinds of venison. Also delicious: rabbit, which can be substituted for chicken in almost any recipe.

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          Yeah, folks - I didn't mean chicken, fish, or meat/poultry substitutes. I meant more like different game or other non-mainstream meat (for example, caribou, like gerchak198 suggested).

          So now that it's clarified, does anyone have any suggestions to *where* I can find my different meat, as in specific restaurants in NJ or NYC?

          1. re: MGPaneer

            Can you get fresh Bison in your area? Most Shoprites have fresh ground Bison. I used it for tacos recently.

            Oops, just realized you were talking about restaurants, sorry!

            1. re: MGPaneer

              Actually, a fair number of diners have bison burgers. (This may not be quite what you're looking for.)

              West Lake (Matawan) has frogs' legs.

          2. German restaurants often have game dishes .
            Killimeyer's in Staten Island comes to mind .

            1. Try the Sergeantsville Inn, Sergeantsville, NJ. They're currently serving Buffalo, Pheasant, Venison and more.