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Jan 25, 2010 07:19 AM

Kababji in Dupont

Hi All,

There is a new Middle Eastern/kabab restaurant in Dupont Cirlce called Kababji. I was wondering if anyone has checked it out yet?

It's close to my apartment so hopefully it's good.

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  1. I have eaten there several times and love it. It is an upscal casual dining restaurant, definately not your typical fast food kabob place. They have spent a lot of money on the interior and it looks great. It is very modern looking but has a welcoming feel. The food is above any Lebanese food that I have had in the DC area and is very close to true Lebanese Kabobs. The appetizers are great. I have had the cheese rolls, grapeleaves and roasted eggplant - all fantastic. I can also personally recommend the ground chicken kabob and lamb kabob. The chicken is served with a great garlic sauce (bring some mints!). Service has always been good and a big plus for me the bathrooms are immaculate..Give it a try, I am sure you will love it.

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      What is the price range like for dinner there?

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        I just finiahed dinner there tonight. The price range is around $15-20 for entrees, $5-8 for appetizers. The food was absolutely delicious! The hummus was extremely well blended and smooth, and the pita was fresh out of the oven. We shared half of the Kabab-ji platter, consisting of a variety of the kebabs (chicken, beef, lamb). Every kebab was perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked. It was ample food for 2 people and cost $28. We definitely plan to return.

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          What I had was very good, but it was also at a price point more than I wanted to pay.

    2. I ate at Kabab-ji tonight. I agree with what's been posted so far, namely, the food is good, the interior of the place looks great, the service was good, and the bill was too high.

      I had an arak, which I expected would be served straight up with water/ice on the side, but it came pre-mixed. I hadn't asked how it would be served, so -- my fault. I got lamb kabab with Lebanese salad on the side (for an extra $2.50). Again, I didn't ask what a "Lebanese salad" was and was a tad dismayed to find it had tons of cucumber, which I don't care for. Still, they were easily picked out and I hadn't asked about it ahead of time, so that certainly wasn't their fault either. The bread came out hot, which always gets points with me. It was OK pita, but it paled in comparison to that which is served at Zaytinia or The Lebanese Tavera. The rice that came with my meal was wholly uninteresting; I left it on the plate. If I were to go back, I would get a side of lebnah (I assume this could be ordered on the side) as the meal needed some moisture, I thought. The lamb itself was very good; I really enjoyed that as well as the grilled tomato and onions on the side and the "pizza" slices, which tasted great with the lamb. I also liked the chips they serve upon being seated - sort of herby toasted pita chips. I wanted to ask for more, but I'm glad I didn't as the entree was filling. All in all, it was a good meal, but too expensive for what it was. For that reason and that reason only, I probably won't go back.

      P.S. I find their website infuriating. It's very corporate - basically it exists for people who want to start their own franchise. For a customer wanting to know their hours, it's useless. And it plays music automatically with no readily discernible way of turning it off; I hate that!

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        Totally agreed on the website. As I recall there are no prices on the menu online! Very irritating.