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Jan 25, 2010 06:59 AM

Birmingham -- King Cake

Does anyone know who is selling King Cakes now? So many places wait until near Mardi Gras, even though King Cake season started Jan. 6.

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    1. I hate to be a spoil sport, but you will never find a decent King Cake in Birmingham. It can't be done. You are best ordering one off a New Orleans bakery website or getting a friend to bring you one.

      1. I saw them for sale at The Fresh Market on Highway 280 on Sunday.

        1. We've tried before and there really isn't a great king cake to be had in Birmingham. The one from V. Richard's was like challah with icing. Yuck. Whole Foods has them right now (saw them today) but they are made in...I think...Atlanta and we found its taste uninspiring. Ah, where else...didn't much care for it from the Culinard bakery a year or two ago, either. It's hard when you're accustomed to the great ones from New Orleans.

          You may want to give Edgar's a try. I just can't, after going there once and asking if they had any hummingbird cake and - seriously - no one there from the manager to the bakers knew what a hummingbird cake was. One actually asked me if I meant a cake with a hummingbird drawn on it (this was the Colonnade location). Lawsy!!

          Anyway, really wonderful king cakes can be found via overnight service, but really, you were asking about here in Birmingham, so I won't go further about the best in regards to that.

          I guess I'd also like to hear if there is a great king cake here in B'ham - I'll scout them out again this year and see if I can find a terrific one, and post my findings here if so.

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            I've got an Emeril recipe that I think I'll try. Agree the king cakes here are wanting, but don't think I want to go through the expense of special ordering one.

            I understand your point, DFK, about the professional bakers not knowing what a hummingbird cake is. But out of curiosity from this rank amateur, what is it?

            1. re: Big Daddy

              "Hummingbird Cake is such a lovely name that it makes you wonder its origin. It does seem plausible that it may have something to do with how sugary rich this cake is - just like the nectar that Hummingbirds love to feed on. Anyway, what we do know is that the recipe gained widespread popularity after it appeared in the February 1978 issue of Southern Living Magazine. We also know that the recipe was submitted by a Mrs. L. H. Wiggins of Greensboro North Carolina and consists of two layers of cake full of chopped pecans, crushed pineapple, and mashed bananas that are filled and frosted with a delicious cream cheese icing."


              1. re: carolinadawg

                Thanks, CD. Figured sweetness had something to do with it. Got my lesson for the day.