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Jan 25, 2010 06:36 AM

Staub Basix and Fontignac

Is Staub Basix enameled cast iron available on QVC the same as the Fontignac line sold at Bed Bath & Beyond? Any opinions on the quality of either one?

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  1. I don't know whether those two lines are actually manufactured to the same specifications, but they certainly look and feel very much alike. (I've seen the Fontignac at BB&B and the oval Basix at TJ Maxx.) I have a couple of similar pieces, but with black matte interiors, produced by the same company under their earlier brand name, Nomar. Bought them at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods at least 5 years ago, use them fairly regularly, and don't have any complaints about them.

    1. I have just bought a Fontignac 6.5 casserole and I love it. I compared it to several others, Batali, Martha Stewart, Le Creuset and the Emeril line. All of the others, with the exception of the Le Creuset, had floor models that were chipped just from people that looked at them too hard. And the Martha Stewart lid was not really round, it was lopsided.

      I liked the Fontignac because none of the floor models had chips or dings. Nice enamel job too, and a nice flat bottom

      Got it home and have been cooking with it several times a week for a few months now and I very happy with it.; pot roasts, soups, Bolognese sauces, stews, etc. Seems to be really good quality at a good price.

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        Thanks for your input! I have not actually seen the Fontignac because my local BB&B doesn't stock it, although I could order it online. The Staub Basix that QVC sells has a waffle pattern bottom on the inside that some people have said is hard to clean. Does the Fontignac have the same pattern or does it have a smooth bottom?

        1. re: cheesemaestro

          It has a smooth bottom. It looked like a nice heavy piece and the colors were bright and vibrant. It has the basting spikes on the lid but a different pattern. The only thing I didn't like was the interior color. It's a little deeper than LC's and a muddy, yellowish beige color.

          1. re: blondelle

            I wondered if the inside color was black like regular Staub or lighter. Thanks.

            1. re: blondelle

              Just went to buy one of the Fontignac 8qt oval French Ovens at BB&B, and came away with my mind changed. Of the 4 they had in stock, *none* of the lids fit flat and flush on the pan. One was way out of fit, and the others sort of rocked back and forth as if slightly warped. The Le Creuset in the display bay adjacent to them felt absolutely rock solid for fit and finish. I really wanted to like the Fontignac pans for the price and French manufacturing, but apparently bad QC is bad QC no matter what country you're making it in!

              1. re: vinocat

                Odd, mine fits solidly as did the displays I saw. Prolly QC issues as you said. Maybe there's a change going on in the company, I bought mine 6 months ago.

                1. re: vinocat

                  I bought the Fontignac 6.5 quart round. In my opinion, it's better made than the comparable LC. The cast iron thickness/density seems really well balanced in the Fontignac--it's finer in profile than the LC (thinner handles, has a French nimbleness to it that the LC just doesn't have). In using it several times, the F also seems more durable than the LC. You can even put it in the dishwasher (although I have only done this once). Both enamel coated LC pieces have chipped, stained and cracked over time. LC was nice enough to replace my 4 qt dutch free of charge, but I'd rather own a piece that lasts and that is durable.

                  I personally like Fontignac better than Le Creuset. LC is nice cookware, but overhyped and marketed. It should be less expensive-but that's marketing for ya.