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Jan 25, 2010 06:03 AM

TNT Prepared Foods

For something different this weekend we decided to pick up some prepared chinese food from TNT on Cherry Street. As we all know, shopping when hungry is never a good thing, so we bought quite a few things to try. Among them:

bbq duck
chinese noodles
spicy chicken
lemon chicken
a variety of dim sum items - wontons, spring rolls, turnip cake, sticky rice, and a
shrimp and leek dumpling type thing

I have to say none of it was really any good. Most of it lacked any real flavour. The lemon chicken was particularly bad. It was one gluey mess of tasteless yuck. So was the sticky rice. The only thing that we really enjoyed was the spring rolls and wonton. The spicy chicken was just okay - nothing special but not as bad as the other items. The duck, well let's just say that after 2 bites we tossed the rest.

This was our second time trying the food and both times we were disappointed. The first time was when they opened the cherry street location and even then, we found the food lacking.

I just wondered if others feel the same way. I recall reading such good things about TNT when they first opened, no?

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  1. You are not imagining it millygirl. It's not very good at all. I've tried it a few times just because I wanted something very quickly, and have never been happy with it. Mrs foodyDudey won't even eat it, when I last bought some in early December (when our kitchen was still under renovation) she said I could eat it all because it was just bad Chinese food. I'm not sure why so many people are all over it like flies on... whatever flies eat.

    1. The prepared hot foods at T&T are not very good and never have been in my experience. They are always drowning in oil. I've had better luck with some of the dim sum -- the char siu bao, har gow, pretty much anything steamed is decent and cheap. A couple of the fried dim sum or ok, but once again you risk drowning in oil if you pick wrong. Obviously, this is not destination dim sum, but when I'm in the store shopping, I like picking up a few items to take home. The whole fried fish with ginger and garlic aren't bad either.

      On the other hand, some of the prepared "kits" they have are great. My mom flipped over soup kits, as they have all the ingredients you need to make some authentic home-cooked Chinese soups without having to go to the trouble of tracking all the separate ingredients down. I also like their soy sauce eggs and the Chinese brisket (I'm blanking on the correct name). Slice the brisket thin, drizzle with some sesame oil and eat with a bowl of rice. Yum! Total comfort food and memories of mom's cooking.

      And I think the raves about T&T have to do more with the groceries in general than with the prepared foods.

      1. I agree. T+T has a great selection of Asian groceries but their take out food is rather bland and tastes like it has been sitting in a steaming tray for hours. Most of the time not even as good as typical buffet fare. It is-however- very cheap and can tide you over in a pinch when you need some chow fast.

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        1. re: Eddy4444

          I was wondering about those soup kits. thanks for mentioning them TorontoJo. Based on that I think we'll try one. Any recommendations? or are they all different at differnt locations?

          1. re: lyndak

            Sorry, soup is my mom's domain. And you really do have to like Chinese soups, with all the "weird" herbs and such. And the quality of the final product will likely have much to do with whether you start with water, boxed broth or homemade stock. But the kits aren't expensive, so it can't hurt to try a couple!

        2. My friend with a sensitive stomach ate there a few times and suffered almost every time, so he's avoiding it. The only hot food I get there these days is the sticky rice roll "chi faan", made on the spot and eaten immediately.

          Soup kits - it's hard to say which are "good"; frequently they come with herbal ingredients and you may either love or dislike the taste.

          1. T&T prepared food is good if you go later in the evening when they mark everything down to get rid of it. Even with that, I stick to roast and bbq pork. It's inexpensive, feeds a bunch of people, and you can always add sauce if you need to kick up the flavor.

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            1. re: GoodGravy

              Hmmm...Bad food is somehow "better" if it's marked down? If anything, T&T's already tasteless, greasy fare is actually worse for wear after languishing all day. The Mississauga store's grub is ghastly. No telling why people scramble for it when there are a half dozen good Chinese lunch spots only minutes away.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Yes, somehow the thought of discounted TNT prepared food is making me gag. I was disappointed when it was fresh, never mind stale.

                1. re: Kagemusha

                  I didn't say it was bad. Other people said what they get is bad. The two things I mentioned aren't bad, but that's also a matter of preference and taste. And yes, there's a correlation between what you pay and how you rank it simply because you have to compare it relative to what you can get at the same price. Your options for food at $3 is more limited than they are at $10. Thus, ranking it as good at $3 is relative to what's available at the same price.