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Jan 25, 2010 05:34 AM

Private Room in restaurant for potentailly disastrous wedding party

My difficult urban Jewish family (who hate each other) and my partner's crazy redneck farmer family (who are scared of my family) will be joining us in NO for our April nuptials. We are looking for a fun restaurant that has a private room for about 18-20 people. We would like to keep the food costs to approximately $50 - $80 per person because we assume that they will all drink their weight in booze. I come from a serious food family, and the food needs to be very good, but not necessarily fancy. I would love some help finding a great space for this event.

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      1. re: chris in illinois

        Love it!! Best wishes for your happiness. Wedding day is just one day, it will pass....

        1. re: chris in illinois

          thirded:) and I would love to see the movie!

          1. re: sunflwrsdh

            plan your seating carefully and have a wonderful time. people have survived worse! :)

            love this post.

        1. Most if not all the old line restaurant's Antoine's, Arnaud's etc. have private rooms, the Rib Room has them, Commanders has a few, Muriel's has the second floor, Donald Link has Calcaseiu, might be too large though, the Bistro at Maison De Ville is small enough that they might give you the whole restaurant, Meaux Bar and Wolfe's, if it has reopened might also. I am guessing that one or more of Emeril's places has that option. ch

          1. Galatoire's has second floor rooms and the food prices are not out of reach.

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            1. re: edible complex

              I was going to post Galatoire's because nothing says "potential disaster" like Galatoire's! Hell, they wouldn't even need the private room, just do it right in the dining room! REALLY looking forward to a wrap-up post on this one.

              1. re: kukubura

                better yet, there's the glass front private dining room overlooking Iberville at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse!

                1. re: kukubura

                  Only on Friday afternoon! [Grin]


              2. Congraulation to you. Love what you posted. Leave the family members at home (Just kidding) and go have a good time in NOLA.