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Jan 25, 2010 05:29 AM

Kitchenaid Gearbox's - 2009

I could sift through(and have) emails on kitchenaid's for days so I thought I'd make a nice easy post for others to pick out on the subject. I'm interested in picking up a Kitchenaid mixxer, particularly the one Costco is selling. I've read all sorts of issues about the plastic gearbox's cracking and just saw one post about them now having a metal gearbox so could someone tell me please if these are worth buying again? I really don't have the extra dough(Ba bum) to spend on a Bosch but don't want to buy something I know will be a lemon.

Appreciate any help with this...thanks

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  1. Hi Matt, I don't know which KA mixer Costco is selling, but I asked a similar question last year, before we bought anything:
    We ended up with the Pro 600. Using a 20%-off coupon from BBB made this model just a hair more expensive than much lower-end KA models. Thirteen months of use has turned up no problems so far.

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      Thanks for the response... This is the one I've been looking at:

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        My guess would be that this model does indeed have metal gears. The combination of the phrase "all metal construction" & having 475w power output would imply metal gears. (KA's two current 5qt models with 450w of power both have metal gears.)

        Just a guess on my part, though...

    2. I can't comment on KA's worm gear at this point, but I can tell you this - I've been a KA lover and supporter for years. What's more true is that I'm a lover of stand mixers. I own a KA 6 qt Pro, a Bosch, and a Magic Mill DLX. I love them all; each has things that it does better than the others. Last year I bought a Cuisinart 7qt, and it's the one that's been sitting out on my counter and gotten the most use over the past 12 months.

      I love, love, love the machine. It's bigger than I really need but I bought it on a good after-Christmas sale and the particular store I was in didn't have a 5qt in stock. It has some features that the KA doesn't have - a fold function and a timer that turns the mixer off at the end of time you set. The bowl is narrow and deep so that it efficientlly handles very small quantities easily - like whisking 1 egg white, something impossible in my KA (it's older and they may have re-designed the mixer to do that, but as far as I know, no).

      All the basic attachments are available for it. You may have your heart set on a KA but you might want to check out the Cuisinart too. It's my mixer-of-choice at this point.

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        I'm also considering the 5qt Cuisinart honestly...the tilt towards Kitchenaid is if I buy it from Costco I know I can always exchange for another one should anything happen to it. Realistically I want the Bosch but out of my budget for the Kitchen Machine and they don't make the Compact anymore :(