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Jan 25, 2010 05:16 AM

Best oxtail stew in Boston?

My best friend is obsessed with oxtail stew. It's her birthday Wednesday and I'm trying to find the best restaurant to go for this. A place with atmosphere would be good.

I've been reading about some Jamaican restaurants like Pepper Pot, Lorentz, Only One, and Irie, but honestly I don't know anything about these places or this dish in general.

Hoping some Chowhounders can help me out. Thanks!

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  1. The version served at Jade Garden in chinatown is very good.

    1. Cafe brazil has a nice one.Also the Druid for a smaller portion.

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      1. re: phatchris

        I love the Oxtail Soup at the Druid. Is that the same as stew? Anyway, it's great and the Druid is a fun atmosphere (Irish, but indy-Irish).

      2. I have never had a restaurant version in Boston that blew me away except for maybe the one at Flames (Jamaican) in Brigham circle. That said I would hit ALL the Jamaican places in Dort. One will have a good rendition.

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          moroccans make this also - maybe cafe baraka?

        2. Thanks for the tip...I will check out Flames at some point. Has anyone ever tried the oxtail at Cafe Brazil in Allston (the "rabada")?

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          1. re: kaohound

            i've had the rabada at cafe brazil and it's very good. it's one of my favorite dishes on the menu

          2. haven't had it in a while but I always liked the oxtail stew at Matt Murphy's.