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Best oxtail stew in Boston?

My best friend is obsessed with oxtail stew. It's her birthday Wednesday and I'm trying to find the best restaurant to go for this. A place with atmosphere would be good.

I've been reading about some Jamaican restaurants like Pepper Pot, Lorentz, Only One, and Irie, but honestly I don't know anything about these places or this dish in general.

Hoping some Chowhounders can help me out. Thanks!

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  1. The version served at Jade Garden in chinatown is very good.

    1. Cafe brazil has a nice one.Also the Druid for a smaller portion.

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        I love the Oxtail Soup at the Druid. Is that the same as stew? Anyway, it's great and the Druid is a fun atmosphere (Irish, but indy-Irish).

      2. I have never had a restaurant version in Boston that blew me away except for maybe the one at Flames (Jamaican) in Brigham circle. That said I would hit ALL the Jamaican places in Dort. One will have a good rendition.

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          moroccans make this also - maybe cafe baraka?

        2. Thanks for the tip...I will check out Flames at some point. Has anyone ever tried the oxtail at Cafe Brazil in Allston (the "rabada")?

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            i've had the rabada at cafe brazil and it's very good. it's one of my favorite dishes on the menu

          2. haven't had it in a while but I always liked the oxtail stew at Matt Murphy's.

            1. the best oxtail stew i've had in boston was from a no name jamaican stand that's at many of the local festivals. it's a family run operation and everything is homemade. unfortunately they're not affiliated with any restaurant

              i also like the oxtail stew at jamaica's flavor in lynn and izzy's in cambridge, beef tail in red wine at jade garden in chinatown, rabo guisado at el oriental de cuba in jamaica plain, and kare kare (oxtail and tripe in peanut sauce) at jnj turo turo filipino cuisine in quincy

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                Don't mean to be a party pooper, but the oxtail I had at Cafe Brazil was weak, not cooked long enough and not so flavorful. In addition, though at one point I was a HUGE Izzy's fan, the last few visits (a year ago or so) were really weak. I hope Izzy has got his groove back, but I still stand by my statement that if you want really good oxtail a trip to the Jamaican places in Dorchester is in order.

              2. I'm gonna say give Oriental De Cuba in JP a shot. They do great stuff with oxtail. Also of note is the Ropa Vieja there. Yums!

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                  I haven't had ropa vieja in years. Num num.

                2. I like Ali's Roti on Tremont, but the atmosphere is lacking at best. Other oxtail stews I've liked are at Izzy's and Druid.

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                    Ali's was the first one that came to my mind, too, except they don't even have a good divey atmosphere going. I think it's weekends only though, right ?

                    Oxtails and atmosphere and birthdays ... the first thing that actually came to my mind was to take her to Estragon for beef cheeks. Not unlike oxtails at all, and if she digs the tail, she will most def'y dig them cheeks.