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Apr 9, 2005 12:36 PM

La Poubelle in Los Feliz

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Ventured up to Los Feliz last night to experience La Poubelle (5900 block of Franklin), and I have to say that it was perhaps the worst dining experience I have had in LA. I had been warned that it is something of a night spot and to arrive early for the best bet for dinner, which we did. Nonetheless, we waited nearly an hour for our food to arrive, the waitress was nearly non-existent, we never received bread for the table. You get the point. But the capper on the meal was that when my coq au vin arrived it was bone cold. I can understand getting swamped and the kitchen getting backed up. But to wait that long and have chilly mushrooms was absolutely unacceptable. To make matters worse, even though the coq was stricken from the bill and our drinks comped, the waitress was less than 100% apologetic. In that case, I really do expect some extreme butt-kissing. All we got was a "wow, I'm sorry. Yeah, this place gets CRAZY! I have been telling my tables now that things are backed up." Great news! Too bad you didn't tell us, and that still doesn't make up for my situation. All in all, I cannot remember a worse dining experience in recent memory. Once again, I know that it was a Friday night, but we were there well before they got truly slammed, and when they did, it was bar business, not kitchen business. BOO!

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  1. Now you know why it's called the "trash can." Better to go a little way down the block to Prizzi's Piazza. Much more reliable.

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    1. re: mc michael

      When I saw the name, I thought, why the hell would anyone name a restaurant after a trash can? Were they determined to fail?

      1. re: jschyun

        I think it's the kitchen sink concept.

      2. re: mc michael

        I second the Prizzi's recommendation. I went there expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised that the pasta alla carbonara was actually made with pancetta and without cream.

        I'm glad to know I haven't been missing anything by not going to La Poubelle. As for Birds, they haven't really been good since they opened. The chicken is nothing special, the sauces are gloppy and forgettable. They must get a lot of business from the neighborhood because the parking situation there is horrible; it's a shame that they don't have any incentive to improve.

        1. re: mc michael

          Agreed-- it truly is the trashcan, and an overpriced trashcan at that. I went there for a bday dinner once and was thoroughly disappointed with the food and the tab. I enjoyed the night anyway because of the group I went with.

        2. Yes, this is one of those places that inexplicably survives on its reputation circa 1978 or so. I don't think Los Feliz wants to claim this place either -- it's actually Hollywood.

          1. Just an FYI, that is Hollywood Hills not Los Feliz.

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            1. re: Burger Boy

              Or, you could call it Beachwood Canyon as locals are want to do.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                Re your FYI...don't think so...the 5900 block of Franklin has never been called Hollywood Hills.

                1. re: Ledbetter

                  FWIW, the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop (where parts of Swingers were filmed) used to be located about 2 blocks down the street on Franklin.

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                rabo encendido

                Having been a denizen of Beachwood Canyon for the better part of a decade, I oft bemoaned the sorry state of gastronomic affairs on this appealing little strip of storefronts along Franklin (the aforementioned PRIZZI'S notwithstanding).

                Stop in at THE BOURGEOIS PIG for outrageously overpriced swill masquerading as coffee. Or how about some dry, stringy chicken, served with a heaping side of attitude at BIRDS? Then there's the sub-Todai sushi place. Even VICTOR's, around the corner, does not escape the wide reach of mediocity.

                LA POUBELLE, during my 90's Hollywood tenure, hitched widely to and fro, an out-of-control rollercoaster of quality. A decent plate of escargot here, a tepid plate of rubbery, overcooked pasta there. I once had what I thought was an incredible filet mignon and frites (maybe 5 yrs ago). My last meal there a year ago (some fantastically poor fish preparation) largely jives with what Ross describes. At least the horrible, snotty service is consistent.

                Y'know, a banh mi joint would make a killing here...

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                1. re: rabo encendido

                  As a longtime resident of the area, I couldn't agree more about the terrible quality of most of the Beachwood restaurants. But you have to take all those places in the right spirit, and they can be quite fun.

                  Birds has mediocre food but is a nice place to do some people-watching over a beer on a Saturday afternoon.

                  La Poubelle is fine for a weeknight drink. Just sit at the bar, avoid the food, and laugh at all the confused, angry diners who actually expect decent service and food there.

                  Victors makes a decent though pricey sandwich (the deli, not the restaurant) and is a good wine store.

                  Bourgeois Pig is....actually, come to think of it, there's nothing redeeming there. Although sometimes it's fun in an ironic way to look at the terrible art hanging on the walls.

                  And then if for some reason you actually do need a good meal, there's one of the best sushi places in LA down the road on Gower - Ike.

                  1. re: Bob
                    rabo encendido

                    BOB---my critique was pretty much food-oriented. I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophical approach. Food excepted, I have a warm and slightly intoxicated place in my heart for BIRDS, in particular.

                    Moreover, I'm a fellow champion of SUSHI IKE. Though I've moved away, I frequently make return trips.

                    Sushi Ike
                    (323) 856-9972
                    6051 Hollywood Blvd
                    Los Angeles, CA 90028

                    1. re: rabo encendido

                      I'm with you guys 100% - I too am a Beachwood rezzie, and proud of it, but what's UP with that strip of horrendous eateries?
                      We really should pool our resources and open something decent - ANYthing decent. I would love to be able to walk down there for decent chow.
                      La Poubelle is a nightmare. Boo on them.

                2. Funny, we walked by that place last night and wondered if anything had changed. The last time we "dined" (using the term loosely of course) at la poobell years and years ago, the waiter who was slicing the bread was also sneezing all over the bread. And using his hand as a hankerchief. The hand he was holding the bread with. We all stopped eating and left. When they say consistency is key, I don't think that's supposed to apply to mediocrity.