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Jan 25, 2010 04:57 AM

Masa 14

We had very disappointing lunch at Masa 14 on Saturday.

- The bloody mary was too sour with lime juice, red onions and cilantro. Tasted more like gazpacho.
- The Flatbread had a soggy crust, soggy/wet mushrooms, and an enormous handful of sliced raw red chilis (which were the only taste).
- The Seaweed Salad tasted old and muddy. If this was your first experience with seaweed, you would never eat it again. Yuck.
- The Wagyu Beef Sliders ($7) ordered medium rare came out well-done and dry. The buns were good though.
- The Tuna Sliders were just awful. I was told they were seared rare. What came out were very, very thin slices of cheap tuna that had been coated with spices and salt and tossed into a hot, dry skillet. There is no way slices that thin could ever be cooked rare. The raw spices left a harsh, nasty taste in your mouth. Not to mention the over salting. Literally, we could not eat these.
- The Veggie Benedict was a swampy mess of overcooked vegetables and cheese that just made a soggy mess of the bread. Actually the taste wasn't that bad. You just couldn't look at it while you ate it.

Again, I hope the dinner menu is better. And I'm sure that we didn't have the head chef on Saturday morning. The place is pleasantly decorated. And it was the cheapest lunch I've ever had in DC. Service was fine too. And finally, the coffee was freshly brewed. Still, not enough to get me back.

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  1. I had dinner there over the weekend and had the exact opposite experience -- loved it. Different menu, different chef perhaps. We did get a seaweed salad, but maybe it was different -- anyway I liked it. Fantastic pork belly steamed buns. Liked everything we tried. They were definitely skimpy on meat on just about every dish, but overall the food was great. I liked it far more than I expected to.

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      I went to Masa for new year's brunch and i loved it! We had the wagyu beef sliders, the tenderloid benedict, brisket hash, and the chorizo calzone flatbread. Everything was succulent except for the was kinda bland and plain. All of the meat dishes were flavorful and juicy to me and my husband....personally cant wait to go back.

    2. Went to dinner at Masa 14 because we had heard it was great - such a disappointing experience! The food was terrible - fried okra tasted like the oil had been re-used, fusion execution was not tasteful, pork belly was not cooked well,.... you get the picture. The ONLY reason I would ever return to this place is for the bar scene which was very active, loud and fun. Apparently they are opening up a rooftop deck this Spring/Summer which sounds nice - but only for drinks.

      1. I went to Happy Hour here on Thurs. with a friend. We had two orders of mussels, a vegetable hand roll and spicy edamame with two drinks each. $42 for two, with tax and tip. We thought all the food was excellent and at HH, the price was right. I love the look of the place too.

        Masa 14
        1825 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009