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Jan 25, 2010 04:50 AM

Source for cheese curds in Philly/Montco

My chef nephew gave my Sis a lesson in home-made mozarella while she was visiting him in San Antonio, but now we need a source for cheese curds here in the Philadelphia. Bucks or Montgomery County area. Absolute ideal would be near her home in Horsham. Can any Hounds help us out?

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  1. I don't know of a resource in Bucks Co., but if you are looking for the kind of curds that they use for poutine in Canada, my husband (a poutine fanatic) found September Farm in Honey Brook, PA - which is on the Lancaster/Chester counties border. I believe you can order from their website. Look for the "Original Honey Brook Cheddar Curds." IMHO, not as good as ones we've gotten in Canada, but not bad.

    1. I haven't looked recently, but I have noticed cheese curds at Trader Joe's in the past. I'm not sure if these are what you are looking for, though, since these are ready to eat.

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        I have to quiz my DS a little more. Nephew used curds as a base for his mozarella, but from looking at a couple of sourcing sites for cheese making, it looks like they are easy enough to make from scratch if you have the citric acid & the rennet. I think the curds at TJ's are more for eating & are probably cheddar-ish. I don't know where he got his curds. I think Sis assumed he bought them, but it's very possible they were made in his hotel resto kitchen. She isn't always big on details.

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          I saw them in Trader Joe's too. The North Wales store.

        2. I've gotten them from Wegman's, farmer's markets (Amish or small cheese farms), or call a specialty cheese/gourmet shop near you. I live in West Chester - and Talula's Table(kennett square) and Olde World Cheese Shop (gap) too - not too far for me.

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              Thanks, mombaker. I tried Dairyland, but they appear to be wholesale only. However, going on the website made me realize that I had been using the incorrect search criteria -- "cheese curds". Once I used "mozarella curds", I got all kinds of hits, including DiBruno's.

            2. try di Bruno brothers you can order online a large bag of curd which would yield 5 to 10 lbs of fresh mozzarella. Or you can go to the Italian Market in Philadelphia to the cheese shop and purchase it by the pound. You have to ask them for it, it is not something you can buy out of the case.

              September Farms in Honeybrook sells cheddar curds which, I believe, you can not use for mozzarella.

              hope this helps!