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Apr 9, 2005 02:55 AM


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Saddened by the announcement on another foodie blog that KUISHIMBO, the amazing Japanese grill at Wilshire and Wilton, has closed its doors.

In its heyday in the mid- to late-80s, Kuishimbo--loosely translated "big eater" or "glutton"---was a lunchtime sensation among the office workers along the Wilshire Corridor.

I remember the controlled chaos that was Kuishimbo---a flame-sputing grill, the clamoring lunch crowds, the fight to grab a place to sit or to battle your way to the exit with your to-go containers clutched to your sweaty bosom.

With it's delicious grilled beef ribs, chicken, fish, miso soup, rice and a mysteriously addicting sliced cabbage salad with some kind of mayonnaise/shoyu mix dressing, Kuishimbo proved that if you serve good food at decent prices people will throng to you.

Braving the fact that there hasn't been a Japanese manning the grill since the early 90s,
my visits of late have been in response to a jones for the pork yakisoba/yaki-udon (friend noodles), now deftly prepared in Spanish, not Nihongo, but still the best yakisoba in town.

I have spent virtually my whold life eating at Kuishimbo, and word that it's gone has shaken me.

I want somebody to reply to this post saying, "No, it's still open! I ate there this afternoon!"
The Sherman Oaks' Kuishimbo? Uh-uh. Not the same, baby.


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  1. Thanks. Kuishimbo was a great favorite of our office also in the 80's. I will always remember it fondly.

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    1. re: Marco Polo

      Kuishimbo was pretty much 90% of my diet in the 90s!!

    2. they are building a new one! do not fret!

      1. Kuishimbo is reopened finally on Feb 11, 2006
        Cross street : 6th street and Catalina
        Newer, cleaner and taste jst as good as the good old days. I hope this will put a smile on yr face again :-)

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Wilshire location is back - same place! RIP, Kalbi Burger but welcome back to my 'hood, awesome teriyaki chicken.