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Jan 24, 2010 08:41 PM

Where to buy good chocolate for recipes in Metro Detroit?

So I have all these recipes that call for good chocolate to bake with and I seem to be having a difficult time finding this, I know I can probably find it at Whole Foods or other similar markets but they are all at least 30 min north of me. I am located downriver, so as you can imagine not much of a gourmet selection anywhere as far as I know. Are there any shops that anyone knows of where I can find good chocolate that may be closer to me? Also what types do you recommend, mostly milk chocolate varieties. Thank you!!

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  1. I've never bought unsweetened cooking chocolate at R. Hirt in Eastern Market in Detroit, but I'd be surprised if they didn't have good varieties. Worth a call, at least. Amusing article:

    Also wondering about Westborn Market in Dearborn:

    1. Trader Joe's has a nice variety of chocolate (both milk and dark) that is not horribly expensive and can be used for baking. In addition to the smaller bars by the cash registers, they have some big (half pound and larger) bars; at many of their stores these are located above the freezer compartments.

      There's a TJ in Grosse Pointe. I know it's not exactly downriver, but it's a lot closer than the nearest Whole Foods.


      1. I don't know about Westborn in Dearborn but the Berkley location generally has Callebaut in various sizes.

        1. Ghiradelli makes outstanding chocolate for baking and candy making, and you can get it at most chain grocery stores. If it's not in the baking aisle, check the candy aisle and just buy it by the bar. I wouldn't use milk to chocolate to bake with, though. Try a 70% cacao and see how you like it....that's what I use all the time!

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            Yup. Most recipes call for semi-sweet/bittersweet (dark) chocolate, and a few call for unsweetened (baking) chocolate. Milk chocolate is not commonly used in baking, although I love it for snacking. But heck, if you have a recipe that you like it in, by all means use it - you're the cook!

            I am not that fond of Ghirardelli chocolate. However, nowadays you can find premium quality chocolate (including high-cacao varieties) in the big chain grocery stores from major brands as well as their house brands. For example, Nestle has a "Chocolatier" line of products that includes bittersweet chocolate morsels (chips) that are 62 percent cacao. They're excellent for recipes that use chocolate chips!

          2. Concessi's Market on Sibley west of Fort St....downriver. Lots of imported goodies and the best deli downriver IMHO. Don't overlook the "Flowerchild" next door. Wish I could afford to shop there more often.

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              Ooops. That's 'Concessi's European Market'.