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Jan 24, 2010 08:15 PM

Cyprus Bistro & Cafe, Campbell -- lovely place

We had dinner this evening at the fairly new Cyprus Bistro in Campbell. The food is excellent. It has a slight Mediterranean slant but it's really quite interesting and creative. Everything is fresh, beautifully prepared and presented and delicious. The mohammara appetizer, a spread made of roasted red peppers, walnuts and pomegranate molasses was indescribably delicious. They ought to package it and sell it. i'd eat it for breakfast.

The place is lovely . . . simple and tasteful and, at least on a Sunday evening, quiet enough to have a pleasant dinner conversation. The wine list is worth mentioning. It's extensive and varied and wines are identified by "sustainable," "organic," and/or "biodynamic." Every wine on the list is available by the glass. i don't know how they do that, but it's a neat trick!

The service was somewhat inept. Our server took forever to get our drink orders, and didn't really get that we had ordered the appetizer, so we had to ask again when he came for our drinks. Our entrees took way too long to come, and mine was not sufficiently hot. And although the server promised me salmon and shrimp, I got only the shrimp. When we got home I noticed he had charged for the salmon. I think the place is relatively new, and less than perfect service seems to be the hallmark of newly opened restaurants, like it or not.

Still I'd go back. Cyprus is a real restaurant, not a corporate side-show with computer generated cuisine. Gracious restaurants with a sense of individuality at the less than astronomic end of the price scale (entrees approx $18-24) are in short supply, and I hope it lasts.

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  1. What was the menu like? Was there anything specifically Cypriot on it? Muhammara is a Syrian dip, which is not surprising since Cyprus is closer to Syria than it is to Greece.
    Salmon/shrimp is not very specific, what was the preparation?

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      Actually, I think of muhammara as originating in Turkish or Anatolian cuisine. I'd love to hear about any Cypriot selections here.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I have to admit I merely Wikipedia'd that. :-)

        1. re: Cicely

          Actually I'm fairly sure that I've referred to it as Levantine on these boards at some point. (g) In our area, I've only noticed it at Turkish places, not at the Arabic shwarma and kabob houses, so I think of it as Anatolian.