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Jan 24, 2010 07:50 PM

Soup suggestions, please

I am hosting a "Souper Bowl" party and plan to have four soups. One spicy, one vegetarian, one cream base and one chicken. Suggestions?

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  1. Oh I adore soup. I've often said I'd like to open a restaurant called Soup and Cake. Because I don't really think you need anything else to be happy. :)

    Do you have Anna Thomas' Vegetarian Epicure? There's a recipe in there for Cream of Pea soup (fresh peas, not dried) that is out of this world. It calls for fresh in-the-pod peas, but I've always used frozen. And added much more wine than it calls for. The dumplings are a MUST. I made it for a fundraiser once and it was a HUGE hit. Requested more than any other. If you don't have it I'll pull it out and send you the recipe, if you'd like.

    Also, GREAT theme! For spicy, would you consider doing a chili? Or are you devoted to soup?

    I assume you'll have some crusty bread...will you be buying it or making it? Because I have some great recipes for bread too...

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      That sounds delicious! I'd love the recipe.

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        Another great pea soup (vegetarian, I think) is Pea Parmesan from the Daily Soup Cookbook.

      2. Okay, another thought...since the Saints are in it, you could do a Jambalaya for your "spicy" soup. Technically, it's a stew, but I think it could work. I might steal your theme...I love it!!!

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          Great idea for the Saints spicy food but what do I serve for Indianapolis?

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            Isn't Indiana corn country? Maybe a cream of corn, or corn chowder? That could be your vegetarian soup...

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              Found a few corn chowder recipes. Thanks.

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              Jambalya is not really a stew, and shouldn't be soupy at all. Its mainly a rice dish. Gumbo would be more of a soup consistency.

            3. There's always coc au vin! Sooo delish, though it's a stew, I realize, and not a soup.

              Originally invented to tenderize the tough ol' rooster for stew, I'll bet it would be great for less tender free-range chickens.

              Yeah, date-night dinner is now planned!

              1. Gumbo, oh yea baby bring on the spice factor. Ina Garten has a great chicken noodle soup recipe IIRC. I just made the greek chicken and rice soup, won't even try to spell it , starts with an A. I do add diced carrots and peas to it. Split pea soup. I also make a nice tortellini soup with Italian sausage, peppers, zuchinni, really easy. How about a butternut squash and carrot soup?

                1. For the chicken, how about Chicken Tortilla soup.

                  For veggie, Mushroom Barley

                  For spicy, either a spicy gazpacho or spicy albondigas.

                  For cream, Ina's Cream of Mushroom (i do puree it add the end, reserving 1/2 the mushrooms, then adding them back in. I also sometimes swap Marsala and veggie broth for the white wine and water.
                  )Or, a Cream of Crab Soup (I'd sub in some shrimp for some of the crab, start with about 1/2 of the Old Bay, add some garlic, and maybe some parsley at the end to finish. if you prefer it a bit thicker, add some cornstarch mixed with half and half).

                  Sounds like a Souper Sunday! I'd love to be your guest :-)

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                    Well, now I want soup :-)

                    One I make a lot is butternut bisque. Super easy and pretty flavorful-- sautee some garlic, add squash pieces, salt, and stock, cook, add cream cheese, and puree.