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Jan 24, 2010 07:20 PM

The one night a week you purposely stay in and you eat....?

I purposely stay in on Sundays to watch 60 Minutes and the weekly old school horror film on the local tv station. I usually cook a very nice meal for myself. This week I grilled a marinated London Broil and baked a yam with some thyme, brown sugar, pinch salt/pepper, and some good olive oil. I tossed a salad with micro greens, cherve, some berries, and balsamic vinaigrette. And you?

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  1. Sunday...... ALWAYS cook and watch football on Sunday. This week I made Mac and Cheese.

    1. I like your menu Miss G. When I am dining alone and know ahead of time I think along similar lines. Simple but yummy. I like a baked potato and a small steak in winter and I usually nuke up some frozen organic corn. In high summer I'll make corn on the cob, dead ripe tomatoes and a steak. If it's really hot I'll have a sandwich and chips and iced tea, but that sandwich will be on quality whole wheat bread with dead ripe tomatoes, mayo and good ham or even better veal loaf. Even if I just want hot chocolate and a pastry that hot chocolate will be rich and foamy with a wee splash of vanilla after the heat is turned off. Fussing a bit over something just for me makes me feel good. I have been known to make mashed potatoes from scratch just for moi. Hey, I'm worth the effort!

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        It makes me sad when singletons don't feel like they should cook well for themselves and instead relay on boxed, frozen or take out foods. When I was single I would make a batch of soup each week. I would eat on it for a day or two and then freeze the rest in individual bowl-sized containers. I'd have 7-8 soups in the freezer at any given point in time. So time saving.

        Now that I'm married, I still have a seudo single life as my husband is in the navy. So when he is out to sea I get to cook all the dishes he would rather die than eat. I have nice wine when I dine alone and usually burn candles. It is nice to pamper ourselves once in a while.

        1. re: KristieB

          I do the same thing when my wife is away from the palace, for whatever reason. When she's gone it's time for biscuits n' gravy, pork chops and rice, chicken and dumplings, and various cream soups.

          I also get plumb likker'd up and stumble into bed every night. ;)

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            Well, I don't eat "poorly" the rest of the week, Sundays are usually the day I splurge.

          2. re: givemecarbs

            Of course you are worth the effort. I've never thought of any other way to make mashed potatoes, even if it is only for myself (quite literally, as my cat doesn't eat them). There was never any powdered mash in my home and I don't intend to start. Doesn't take much longer than the boxed crap.

          3. For me it's the other way around....The one night I eat out! But I do tend to look forward on eat-in nights when having a nice simple steak from the grill, or on a winter night, chicken and rice

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              Same here, basically. We go out on Friday night and I cook dinner the rest of the nights, except Tuesday, which is fast food/TV dinner-type stuff.

            2. Friday nights are our "date night" - we have something a little special (lamb or veal chops, scallops, etc), a nicer wine than usual, listen to good music, etc. Amost never go out on Fridays. It's a nice way to wind down after the workweek and gear up for the weekend.
              (Where do you live that still has a horror film night? I miss Creature Features and its ilk like mad.)

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                Sonoma, CA...watched The House on Haunted Hilll with Vincent Price last night

                1. re: MIss G

                  macaroni and meatballs every sunday .

                  1. re: MIss G

                    Now you're really breaking my heart - used to live in Berkeley, miss CA to this day!

                  2. re: buttertart

                    I'm like you buttertart. By the end of the work week, all I want to do is stay in on a Friday night and try to avoid going out. After a long session at the gym and a shower, I look forward to leisurely cooking and eating dinner with my boyfriend. We cook together during the week but we try to pick recipes that aren't too time-consuming. But on Friday nights we crack a bottle of red open, take our time and really enjoy each other in the kitchen.

                  3. we dont really have a single night we stay in. it kinda depends on what we're in the mood for. sometimes we'll eat all 7 nights at home and sometimes we'll plan to do that, but still end up at restaurants on 3 nights.

                    sunday morning is almost always out for brunch, though.