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Jan 24, 2010 06:46 PM

Riviera Country Club?

Has anyone been to a wedding or event here recently? Thinking of having an event here and wondering how the food is for a catered event. Thanks.

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  1. i haven't been in a few years - but they had a great steak w/balsamic reduction and mashed potatoes. nothing spectacular or innovative - but solid good food. it's also been consistent every time i've been which is good.

    1. We're not members but we go fairly frequently. The food is pretty good but, as you can imagine, the larger events tend to have an "institutional" quality to the food. I'd suggest that you phone the Food & Beverage Manager and set up an appointment to come by and look at menus and prices, etc., speak to the chef about menu choices and then politely and carefully ask if you can stay for lunch, even offering to pay (although my guess is that they'll comp you). Your food won't be the same as what they'd serve to a group of 100 or so, but if you don't like an individually-prepared meal you ought to look for another venue.

      1. i recall being asked to lunch there (in the 90s--so not completely ancient history) and having to decline because I was wearing jeans. Have they joined the 21st century and the west coast on this issue, finally?

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