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Jan 24, 2010 06:45 PM

Best Places to Eat in Narita???

I'll be spending a couple of days in Narita, Japan. Anyone have some tips on places to eat at. Looking to try authentic Japanese food and of course some sushi.

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  1. Mike - forget Narita, go to Tokyo !!!!

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    1. re: GluteusMaximus

      What he said.

      Narita really isn't that bad for food; there are decent and good eateries but it's hard to get around. It's so much simpler to head to Tokyo and it's certainly worth the bus fare.

      1. re: kikisakura

        Or Narita Express - it's faster and about the same price or cheaper. Bigger seats, and of course you can eat on that train as well.

        1. re: lost squirrel

          Narita Express to Tokyo is about 3,000 yen one way. You can catch the highway bus from hotels in Narita to Tokyo station for about 1,420 yen. If you're staying at a hotel in Narita, that's the way to go as you wouldn't have to wait around for the hotel shuttle to take you and to from the airport. :) Train is more fun and faster so if you don't need to do this as often as I used to, it's a toss-up.

          1. re: kikisakura

            Wow, I only know of the 3,300 bus from Narita Station to Tokyo. I never knew there were cheaper options around.

            To stay on topic :: You should really eat in Tokyo. :-)

            1. re: lost squirrel

              "To stay on topic :: You should really eat in Tokyo. :-)"


              But if the OP or anyone else is too lazy or tired to hit Tokyo during a 48 hour layover in Narita, there are some options around Narita station (lots of izakaya and some sushi; the one next to the big grocery/drug store is supposed to be good) as well as around the Aeon mall. Both spots are easily accessible by free hotel shuttle service. Nevertheless, if I had a 48 hour in Narita as opposed to 24, I'll be so on that bus to Tokyo station first thing in the morning.

              1. re: kikisakura

                I didn't read the OP to state anywhere that he has a 48 hour layover. It sounds more like he is in Narita for a reason. And Tokyo is pretty far just to eat, and suggesting just to go to Tokyo is pretty unhelpful advice. If Narita is the starting point, I'd also suggest checking out the fishing port towns of Funabashi on the north end of Tokyo bay, or Choshi, another port town on the eastern tip of Chiba prefecture. Those would be my destinations for food in Chiba.

                I don't think there's much info for local places in Narita city in English, but if he can read Japanese, or find someone who can, here are some listings:

                1. re: E Eto

                  I actually assumed that the OP was a pilot based on his drink choices but I suppose that was simply a wild guess. :P

    2. seem to rememebr there was a fairly decent Chinese joint in the Aeon Mall in Narita.. Lots of other choices there too...

      1. btw, just fyi, taking keisei limited express to shinjuku is only 1190 yen and it only takes 14 min longer than the 3110yen train. you just have to transfer once at nippori for yamanote line. if you wouldn't be carrying much luggage, that would be a good alternative.