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Jan 24, 2010 06:37 PM

Dim Sum in Houston

I never had Dim Sum and I want to take some friends to Houston to try it. What are your suggestions on restaurants? Anything I should know before going? What should I expect? Thanks!

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  1. Brings me back to one of my very first posts on Chowhound with some dim sum 101.

    And that post is quite dated, my favorite item in dim sum has changed to douhua (silken tofu in ginger syrup). Fung's Kitchen will definitely have this on a sunday.

    Other than Fung's, Ocean Palace and Golden Palace are also good.

    Go with a group as having a bigger party will let you sample a wider variety of dishes. Also try to go on a weekend as they will have the best dishes, and make sure you beat the church crowd so target being there before 11 am, otherwise you're gonna end up waiting.

    Ordering can seem very fast paced and overwhelming at first as you get bombarded by one cart after another, but once you're used to it, you won't feel as rushed and it's pretty fun.

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      I don't care for tofu that much, but I will have to try that douhua dish. Seems interesting! Thanks.

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        Definately Ocean Palace, very authentic. Looks like a wedding reception hall and don't expect explanations of the food in english some of the time. But if you have a group be adventurous and try everything the rolls around in carts by you every 90 seconds. Incredible

    2. Ocean Palace is great. It is an experience in itself and the food is good.
      Another thought is Yum Yum Cha in the Rice Village. Also excellent dim sum, menu in English and with pictures. Might be a good intro place.
      Last thought, Dorothy Huong does a dim sum lunch/intro & Chinese grocery shopping class through Leisure Learning - usually at Ocean Palace. Lots of fun!