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Jan 24, 2010 06:19 PM

DiTondo's in Buffalo - open nights? Reviews/suggestions?

Does anyone know if DiTondo's tavern is open weeknights? We are coming down for a Sabres game this week, and looking for a good place to go for a pre-game dinner. Preferrably a more casual spot; we have one suggestion of going to Chef's but after doing a little research I am feeling lukewarm about it...

Any reviews or suggestions of what to get at DiTondo's would be very welcome. Suggestions about other places near the arena would be great too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sorry, I consider myself a chowhound, and have lived in Buffalo my whole life, but haven't heard of DiTondo's until now. I will have to ask around.

    The area around the hockey arena ( CanalSide, Cobblestone District, Buffalo Harbor) is not really known for it's quality food establishments.
    Formerly a shipping and warehouse district, this area was devoid of any eateries, save for a few brave and enduring old-timey taverns and restaurants serving moderately priced decent food, like the Swannie House or Chef's.

    Even a bit north, closer to downtown, the eateries like Pearl Street Grill, are known more for their convenient proximity to the hockey arena and baseball field, passable food, and selection of beer.

    The area is just now starting to see a bit of new development. Notably, W J Morrissey, (a new faux-everything-imported-from-Ireland pub, like you see in all cities) is very nearby.

    If you are willing to move away from the immediate area, either by car or by rail, you will have many more, and better, foodie choices. Otherwise, I am afraid you will be sacrificing yumminess for convenience.

    If you get to DiTondo's - please report back.

    Swannie House
    170 Ohio St, Buffalo, NY 14203

    Chef's Restaurant
    291 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14204

    Pearl Street Grill and Brewery
    76 Pearl St, Buffalo, NY 14202

    W J Morrissey
    30 Mississippi St, Buffalo, NY 14203

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      Thanks for your detailed reply, jerryc. We're coming down from Canada, so will likely stick to the near-arena area out of convenience. It looks more and more like we are going to Chef's... oh well, I hear the spaghetti parm is quite good. We may well hit up one of the pubs you mention afterwards. Thanks again!

    2. DiTondo's has lunch hours from 11:00 - 2:00 Monday thru Friday. The only night they're open for dinner is Friday from 5:00 till 9:00

      And by the way.....BEST sauce in the city! Bar none!

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      1. re: Scavenger

        I did an internet search, and like Scavenger wrote, DiTondo's is a popular place for lunch. With dinner served only on Friday, it will never be a household name like Chef's.
        Online reviews say the red sauce is good, they make a pretty decent burger, and order dessert with your meal so they hold it for you, because the house-made desserts go fast.

        Scavenger: what do you recommend at DiTondo's?

        DiTondo's Tavern
        370 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14204

        1. re: jerryc123

          Back in the day, Buffalo used to have a bar on every corner, it seemed. It also seemed as though they all had great food and used to vie for the informal title of best of the rest. Many , really most of those places, have passed into history. It's nice to think there may be a few left out there. Sounds like DiTondo's could be one.

      2. Thanks all, we'll have to hit up DiTondo's another time. Ended up going to Chef's, and got the Spaghetti Parm with a meatball on the side. It was pretty darn good (but then most things drowned in melted cheese tend to be!). I found I liked their sauce too... my previous red sauce experience in Buffalo was at Sunny's, and I found that way too sweet and flat. Chef's sauce is still a touch sweet, but tasty enough.