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Jan 24, 2010 05:56 PM

Grand Feast at Fuloon!

Almost forty Hounds descended on Fuloon for a Grand Feast! Here are some pics to whet your appetites!

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  1. Sweet christ that looks awesome.

    I can't endorse the choice of wok baked chicken over the superior wok baked beef and pork. But other than that, awesome!

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      Different tables had different things: we had the wok baked beef at ours.

    2. Food looks amazing. Wish I had been able to go!!

      1. Thanks so much to Fredi for organizing this. It was particularly great for those of us who couldn't handle ordering a whole entree buried in dried hot peppers (as a few of them were) to enjoy *some* of that heat as delicious samples. Also delighted to get to try the off-menu banquet dishes, and to meet the chef.

        1. For inspiration (I'll let others fill out the descriptions!) here's a list of what we ordered:


          * Wontons in Hot Chili Oil,
          * Pork Pancakes
          * Tripe (This is in honor of the Crew’s adventuresomeness, to encourage you all to be adventurous, too!)

          Grand Banquet items: (The chef wanted to take this opportunity to make some dishes that are too complicated for the regular menu! You're welcome to pre-order them for any meal - they are large orders - just call Fuloon and ask for DianeShe also may re-name them!)

          * Dong Po Pork
          * Minced Eggplant with Garlic;
          * Rolled Fish
          * Hainanese Chicken (This was a misnomer , my fault)
          * Chicken Wings with Garlic

          Some "greatest hits" and new sampling:

          * Wok Baked Beef or Wok Baked Chicken
          * Spicy Cabbage
          * Jiang Pao Duck and Tea Smoked Duck
          * Whole Fish, Szechuan style and Sweet and Sour(?) style
          * Steamed Beef Szechuan Style and Steamed Fish Szechuan Style
          * Kanshue Green Beans, traditional style
          * Tofu in Special Sauce
          * Watercress with Garlic

          Dessert: A beautiful presentation of very fresh fruit, with a bit of blueberry sauce

          A great meal!

          Also, a note on Szechuan peppercorns: For those of you new to these, they are wonderful and unusual. They will “hit” you with a numbing sensation, at the same time that they give a “kick” to the dishes! Fuloon is known for these.

          1. And for those of you who'd like to organize ChowDowns (it was easy!):


            We would just STRONGLY "suggest" that you pick the date and time BEFORE posting - it's havoc, otherwise!

            And if you'd like to start a ChowCrew (a regular eating bunch!):