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Jan 24, 2010 05:54 PM

Need a restaurant in Sarasota area with a private room for about 12

I'm looking for a restaurant in the Sarasota area with a private or semi-private space that can accommodate about 12 people for a 50th birthday party. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!

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    1. Main Street Oyster Bar has a private room

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      1. re: comidaqueen

        Got a very bad review from Sarasota Originals.

        1. re: Mother of four

          I have had pretty good meals there. They still have some of the dishes I enjoyed when they were Zorias.

          1. re: comidaqueen

            Arthur makes the desserts, and they are outstanding! The review said that the prices were not that much lower, the small plates were not under$10, and the hamburgers were $12, the regular meals were about the same price as before and not wonderful. For Sarasota Originals to give that kind of review means it is most likely right on mark! Gee, go to Patrick's and get a really good hamburger for $5.95! I used to love Zoria's when they were on Hillview, but really don't go there anymore!

          2. re: Mother of four

            I've had two meals there and like it a lot. In addition to the seafood, pasta, salads, etc.,, they have a hamburger with goat cheese that's outstanding.

            1. re: Longboat

              Longboat, I assume you live out on LB Key. What has happened with The Colony? Foreclosure? Bankrupcty? I used to love to attend the Stone Crab event they had every fall, with the wine dinners, etc. LMF

              1. re: LilMsFoodie

                I do live on Longboat. The Colony went into bankruptcy over a dispute with the condo owners whose units were rented as hotel rooms -- The Colony management hit them up for a very high maintenance/unit upgrade bill (based on the past) and it was very ugly. It appears that the condo owners won, although both sides claim victory. Fast forward to now: The Colony has reopened as a hotel although not all units are being rented and what the future brings is still up in the air. The restaurant was legally distinct from the condos and always stayed open. I had brunch there just before the bankruptcy filing and it was fine and quite crowded. I don't know how crowded the restaurant and bar is these days, I haven't been there lately. If you like the place, give them a try again and let us know! Just as aside, anyone who has seen the gorgeous beach and location of the property knows that at some point it will be upgraded and first class again.

                1. re: Longboat

                  I wouldn't give the Colony the right time of day......Doc is not a nice person.
                  He dumped on his bread and butter--the condo owners. He now has his tale between his legs. He was better as a dentist then as a businessman. I feel the complex will be sold to a large hotel, everything knocked down, and a new development will be born. The restaurant is open nightly, but occupancy in the hotel is only about 10 to 20 rooms a night. Not good. He shot himself in the legs, and it appears that recovery may not take place.

                  1. re: Longboat

                    Isn't the restaurant owned by the same people that owns Michael's on East. We used to take our kids for tennis at the resort years ago before we moved to Florida. I would either stay at the resort for the Stone Crab festival or at the Long Boat Club, which had much nicer condos. The beach is fabulous and they have great courts for tennis.

                    John Mariani led the Stone Crab wine discussions which were very interesting and a lot of fun. LMF

                    1. re: LilMsFoodie

                      The Colony is owned by the father and his daughter. One son owns Michael's on East, and the other son owns Pattigeorges on Longboat and the Polo Grill in Lakewood Ranch.

            2. re: comidaqueen

              I have been to Main Street Oyster Bar 4 times in the past month. We love it there. Great menu, excellent food, superb service, and very reasonable prices. I can't believe Sarasota Originals dumped on them. Might be a personality conflict. I did not like the menu when it was Zoria's, but the food was good and expensive..... Now they are trying to turn it around and it looks like its happening. The three owners are very nice and really know the business. I wish them loads of luck..... Way too many restaurants in Sarasota have and will fail, because they do not know the business. I tip my hat to Main Street Oyster Grill.

              1. I had the rehersal dinner for my wedding at Michael's on East a couple years ago in the private room. They did a fabulous job and we were very impressed.