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Jan 24, 2010 05:15 PM

21st birthday - STL - Lafayette Square?

We're looking for some ideas to celebrate our daughter's 21st birthday. We'll probably end up at Bailey's Chocolate Bar - she's been before with friends and really wants to try some of the drinks along with the desserts! She'll be with us (her old parents and 18 year old brother) so we're not looking for the wild, bar scene exactly.

Thought about Square One Brewery. Any thoughts about that or other suggestions?

We're not locked in to the Lafayette Square area either.


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  1. Bailey's is a great warned that late at night it's pretty loud and quite a scenester place, esp. on weekends. In LS, there is 1111 Mississippi, which is a lovely space, a little hit or miss with food. Ricardo's, though I have not been, would I think be a nice, quiet space with nice Italian cuisine. Sqwires is another option, have not been there lately. Nearby is the Benton Park area, which has some of the best places in town, including Niche, progressive American cuisine, probably the best food in town. Sidney Street Cafe is nearby also. That should give you something to chew on! lS, depending on what time of year, is a GREAT place to walk around too, the park is lovely.

    1. I'm hearing good things about the Lafayette Fire Company. A recently opened restaurant owned by 20+ firefighters, the food and service is reported to be darn good and it's right where ya wanna be.

      I am a fan of Square One as well. I haven't tried their new distilled sprits but my best friend gives them high reviews. I thinka 21 yerar old would really like it too. Food is caula but quite well prepared IMHO.

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        Bonwich reviewed Fire Company today in the Post. Looked interesting since we tend to like pub type food although probably not for a birthday celebration. The $7.99 Supper Club "cook's surprise" seemed like something my husband would enjoy trying. Anyone else been there?

        Still leaning towards Square One - I think the multiple brews on tap will appeal to a 21st birthday night out. She's been to so many brew pubs with us, I think she might get a special kick out of actually being able to drink from the sampler we always start off with at each brewery!

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          I'm not sure how soon the birthday is, but you could also consider The Bridge. It's David Bailey's new bar that's opening up in about week in downtown. They'll have a huge beer and wine selection and the pictures i've seen of the interior look great. Obviously, this place hasn't even opened yet so there may be kinks and there aren't any reviews available, but it seems like a good option given its proximity to the Chocolate Bar and the extensive beer list.

          For pictures and beer info:

      2. There are four nice destinations in a row, you can walk from one to another easlily: Arcelia's Mexican Restaurant, Ricardo's Italian Restaurant, 401 Wine Bar, and Bailey's. My suggestion would be dinner at Ricardo's and dessert at Bailey's...but perhaps your daughter prefers Mexican. The wine bar is poorly signed - deliberately - your daughter might get a kick out of having a glass of wine in a secretive place.

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          Unless a new wine bar opened that I'm not aware of, you mean 33 Wine Bar, not 401. 33 Wine Bar is awesome and I highly recommend it.

        2. 33 Wine Bar sounds interesting. What type of food? Will our 18 year old son be welcome?

          I didn't realize there were so many places in the Lafayette Square area. I can see us walking and eating (and drinking!) our way around the area.

          We'll be there relatively early in the evening (she's only going to spend so much time with the family before she's off with friends - she's one of the last of her group to hit the big 21) - does that change anyone's opinions and suggestions?

          Thanks for the ideas!

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            33 Wine Bar doesn't really serve food. They have a few cheese options and some chocolate bars, but the focus is on the wine list and beer selection. This is a nice, laid back place to enjoy a good bottle of wine and talk. The wine list is impressive and the owner is very passionate about wine and helpful when one would like suggestions.

          2. The Royale on Kingshighway would be a great place to start. Casual but pleasant with an outstanding specialty drink menu. I, and everyone else, would recommend the Subcontinental:

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              That drink sounds delish and I completely forgot about the Royale. Great spot.