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Jan 24, 2010 04:59 PM

Scottsdale/Phoenix: First foodie meal post-baby

Staying at the Royal Palms right now - would like to get a baby sitter for the first time to enjoy our first post-baby foodie meal either tomorrow (1/25) or Tuesday (1/26). Restaurant criteria include: less than 4 hours door to door (baby sitting window), feels like a meal worth getting a baby sitter for, veggie friendly but some fish (not shellfish) is okay, not T. Cook's, elements or Noca (already eaten there). We visit the Scottsdale area yearly and have had an excellent meal at Binkley's last year but given the distance I'm thinking nearly 2 hours roundtrip in the car doesn't sound like the best use of baby sitting time. If it weren't for the drive I would probably just go back to Binkley's since it was so good and is the type of evening that we would be looking for (if that helps narrow down anyone's recommendation).
I have spent time looking over the boards already but am hoping that someone will take pity on my schedule with an infant and help me with some recommendations since I am trying to make plans in the next day or so.
I know that J&G at the Phoenician is very closeby - would appreciate thoughts on J&G and would appreciate other recommendations as well. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Just read about Posh - this seems like a pretty good option for us. Would welcome thoughts about this choice. Thanks

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      Highly recommend Posh, they might be closed on mondays though? Sit by the counter if you want more of an interactive experience. Foie gras is also very good there, they torch it creme brulee style so it's a unique preparation but very very good.

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        Go to Posh on Tuesday night - I have had nothing but great experiences there. They are very willing and able to cater to specific needs. My last meal was New Years eve and had the full tasting as well as a couple things off the vegan menu - wow. I've never been disappointed.

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          I'll give a "fourth" for POSH.

          Ate there last week and it was absolutely fantastic. A great alternative ( and close! ) to Binkley's or NOCA.

    2. Lon's at the Hermosa Inn. It's relatively close to where you are staying and has true Arizona ambiance. Beautiful grounds and the restaurant is in an old ranch house. Very competently prepared food by Chef Michael Rusconi.

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          Thanks. I missed that. Any idea where he went? I thought he was very good.

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            Sorry, I haven't seen anything on where he might have ended up. I figured one of the local food writers would have something on it, but nothing so far.

      1. Here's an off the wall non dinner recommendation for breakfast. Over Easy at 40th street just south of Indian School is great. It's a breakfast only diner in a converted Taco Bell. We've been taking our now 2 year old grandson there since he was very little. At least on weekends there are lots of kids, lots of noise and lots of things to look at and very child friendly. Besides that, the food is excellent and probably one-third the price of breakfast at RP.