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Jan 24, 2010 04:49 PM

Capriotti's "The Bobbie"?

I heard about this sandwich shop that serves a Turkey Sandwich with Dressing and Cranberry Sauce. I love Thanksgiving so this sounded right up my alley. Apparently it is a chain and has quite a following. It's pretty much a fast food place, but I thought I would give it a try.

I have to say, it might be a little trashy (and I don't want to know about calories), but it was a pretty darn good sandwich. The thing I really liked was that they cook their turkeys fresh, rather than use lunch meat. Their sandwiches aren't cheap (around $8?), but they are huge. I could barely eat a medium.

Has anybody else tried this place?

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  1. I am a huge fan of Capriotti's. It's a Las Vegas sandwich chain that is making its way out to LA. The Beverly Hills location is the first, but I believe they are opening 3. I love the bobbie, but try the capistrami. It is really great. I've had a hard time finding good take out sandwiches in LA and this is a nice welcome.

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      really they are opening three of them? Yeah, this is a Las Vegas subbie shoppe by way of farthest nether reaches of delaware. anyhow, the LV locations seem to be really grungy esp the one at Sahara and the Strip, very grungy in fact, without shouting distance of the Sahara hotel. anyhow, the bobbie sandwich is their thing. with the freshly pulled turkey (the only other places that pull turkey is one of those yucatecan shredded turkey tacos) and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mayo. i believe the BH location is in a former Quizno's location, if i remember correctly the quizno's closed less than 6 mos ago, and quite a fast turnkey to capriotti's. anyhow, definitely a decent addition to the hood and much betta than that all too dreadful jersey mike's at bar.

      1. re: kevin

        the sandwiches are on the pricey side but then this is Beverly Hills even with the economic depression at play.

        1. re: kevin

          I'd say Capriotti's sandwich prices are consistent with the quality and quantity.Their small size comes on a 9" sandwich roll.

        2. re: kevin

          next time you go to vegas check out the sahara and the strip capriotti's again, they remodeled it so its nice now, looks like the beverly hills store

        3. re: piper2674

          Actually, Capriotti's was first started in Wilmington, DE by owner Lois Margolet .

          1. re: JillEllen

            they just opened one in encion too.

          2. re: piper2674

            They just opened a second location in Reno. From the sign on the wall, they have over 50 locations nationwide. Very good sandwiches.