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Jan 24, 2010 04:47 PM

portofino new haven

Anyone have a bad experience at Portofinos in Hew Haven? We had a very expensive meal which was awful. We followed up with a letter explaining our disgusting meal in detail. We have not heard from them with an apology or a revisit for another meal.

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  1. That is horrible to hear. I've always had a great meal there. The service is usually good, food very good. I hate hearing that, but it happens..unfortunately.

    1. I have never had what I would go so far as to call a BAD experience there, but it has been a while. L'Orcio is right down the street, and has never failed me.

      1. We just ate at Portofino on Saturday evening and had another dissapointing meal. They are off our list of places to go. The food over the last year and a half has gone down hill quite a bit and I will not give them another chance.

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          wow! hORRIBLE TO HEAR FROM A PLACE i LOVE TO GO. I would say once is coincidence, but 2 less than 2 weeks apart is not a good sign. Not like there are not other places for Italian on State St. to choose from.