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Jan 24, 2010 04:46 PM

poblano peppers in calgary?

want to make some chiles rellenos. anyone know where i can find these fresh in calgary?

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  1. used to find these at superstore(sunridge)all the time.i havent been there in awhile but id be suprised if they weren't there.

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    1. re: howlin

      hrm, i don't think i've ever seen them at the deerfoot meadows location,but i'll have to take a look next time i'm there.

      1. re: nonlinear

        I buy them all the time at Deerfoot meadows... they are mixed in with the jalapenos and other hot peppers

        1. re: nonlinear

          I was at deerfoot meadows and they had some nice looking poblanos mixed in with the hot peppers.

      2. Salsita has them. Corner of 14th Street and Northmount Drive NW.

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        1. re: TSAW

          Fresh ones? I didn't think they had much that wasn't canned or dried but I'll have to look closer next time I am there.

          1. re: sharonanne

            yes fresh ones. My friend got some there again about two weeks ago. He said he asked because there was only a few on the counter and they brought out a whole box from the back. I would probably call ahead to check.

        2. The veggie/fruit stand in the middle of the Calgary Farmers Market (sorry, don't know the name, but it is the bigger one not against any wall) usually has them.

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          1. re: Albertagirl

            The vendor behind where Lund's usually is/across from the Honey vendor? I think that's Prairie Farms.

            Superstore & T&T both carry peppers... T&T labels theirs, not sure if they always have poblanos, I have bought jalapenos there a number of times. Trouble with Superstore is there's no labels so you really need to know what you're looking for (particularly if you're me and didn't grow up cooking with them).

            1. re: maplesugar

              yea, i've been to superstore and T&T and have never seen poblanos at either. i'm starting to wonder if some of the earlier posters suggesting these places were mistaking some other peppers for poblanos. i think my best bet is one of the latin markets. i'll just have to call around and see who has them fresh.

              1. re: nonlinear

                i know my peppers and i know that mislabeling happens as just have to know what your looking for.ive seen them at tand t and superstore.

                1. re: howlin

                  Also Sobey's, at least the one at Shawnessey. The nearby Superstore almost always has them too. Also, this particular Sobeys always has interesting vegetables, like miniature purple and orange cauliflower, about as big as a loonie and a half.

                  non, you must have very bad timing, as I have seen them at several Superstores, and almost every time I go. When I first came to Calgary just over a year ago, I saw them and picked them up, thinking they would be tough to find, but that is not the case.

                  1. re: Scary Bill

                    well i've never looked for them explicitly, but i don't recall ever seeing them, either.

                    1. re: nonlinear

                      Was at the Shawnessey SStore last night and they had them, though they clearly had been there for a few days and had been picked over. Wouldn't use what was there in, say, chiles rellenos, but fine for salsa.

                2. re: nonlinear

                  I've seen them at T&T and Superstore as well. I don't think the problem is that people don't know what you're referring to, so much that these places don't carry them constantly. heck T&T doesn't carry a lot of things consistently.

                  Latin places are prob your best bet for places that carry it around the year. Boca Loca Market (aka. Salsita) in Northmount advertises it on their website.

                  1. re: foodkarma

                    Was curious what poblano peppers looked like after the discussion, so I googled them. I have also seen them at T&T (the NE location) and Superstore (the Signal Hill location).

                    1. re: aktivistin

                      does it seem strange to anyone else that T&T would carry a completely Mexican pepper?

                      1. re: nonlinear

                        ive found other mexican groceries there as well ,so im not suprized

                        1. re: howlin

                          oh really? right on. i haven't seen any mexican there, but then again, would never think of going there to look hahah.

                        2. re: nonlinear

                          No, and here's why: Last summer Loblaws, which owns Superstore acquired T & T. It only makes sense for T & T and Superstore to look at each other's supply lines and try out a few new or non-traditional products. I only hope they don't ruin T & T by sending in President's Choice products or otherwise significantly changing what is a unique supermarket chain concept, by Canadian standards.

                          1. re: Scary Bill

                            Also, don't forget, many Asians live/have lived in latin countries as well.

              2. Nonlinear, there is a tiny market just off 17 th. Ave. S.W. ,around 10 th. or 11 th. that have always had poblanos, sorry I can't remember the name. It has a lot of South America cooking ingrediences, sauces, corn husks. I hope it is still open, I haven't been since fall. By the way I love poblanos, great flavor and moderate heat!

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                1. re: beekeroc

                  That's the original Boca Loca location, and it's on 11th Street, half a block north of 17th on the east side. Still open afaik, but with the new owners, they've branched a bit into some african staples and groceries as well.

                2. You can find poblano peppers at Calgary Farmers Market. There is one booth that usually has them and they are usually very fresh too. They also carry serranos, jalapenos and even habaneros sometimes when available and a bunch of other tropical food that you can't find anywhere else, they also have the best mangoes ever. PRAIRIE FARMS is the name of the booth, the one across from Rustic Sourdough Bread, it's a very nice and colorful booth