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Jan 24, 2010 04:44 PM

Terroni's---pasta is over-rated.

I've been to this Terroni's (the uptown one on Balmoral) before. And I was very "meh" about it but it was many years back and I decided to give it another try since some CHers are pretty strongly pro. Started with the Ricchia salad and it was very good. Lovely lemon dressing over arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano and the mushrooms were also very gently dressed. Not a bad portion size either. We ordered 3 pastas: Norma (tomato and fried eggplant); Spaghetti in Canna a Mare (tomato seafood pasta); and Spaghetti al Limone (had heard about this was good). So the Limone was good. Not good enough so I'd go back for it--maybe I'm just not a butter pasta person. But good. The other two were very meh. The sauces weren't awful but not great and the pasta itself was very unsatisfying--too soft, perhaps. We had the so-called flourless chocolate cake for dessert and it was filled with liquidy chocolate that just felt undercooked. Not what I'd expect of flourless chocolate cake and left me feeling a little unsettled. The service was good though---but then I was well behaved and didn't ask for Parmesan with my pasta.

Overall, I'd almost go back there for salads and fast service. Maybe several salads.

As a final question: Has anyone has tried a pasta dish they really liked--maybe one of the raviolis or the gnocchi?

1 Balmoral Ave, Toronto, ON M4V3B9, CA

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  1. We go to the Adelaide one a lot. Tend to order the Mezzo Maniche (whatever the duck one is called, but it's also seasonal) and the papardelle alla iosa (spicy sausage, mushrooms, peas). I used to like their pastas a lot more and find the pasta very thick and chewy these days, so ... I love it less, sadly.

    57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K6, CA

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      Yes, that's it--chunky and thick and chewy--not al dente.

    2. The Ricchia salad is one of my favorites. The ingredients speak for themselves and its very much made in the spirit of my early experiences with home made Italian "Nonna's" cooking. Simple but good. I also enjoy the slightly different, but warm version of the Ricchia-the Funghi Assoluti. Not everything on the menu is to everbody's taste. Sometimes the special pastas are great, but personally I like the Natalina pizza. The wine list is great.

      1. I tend to gravitate more often to the pizzas these days but of the pastas, I like the "al limone" that you ordered as well as the tagliatelle bolognese, the rigatoni with cherry tomatoes and zucchini and bocconcini (forget the name), the lasagna (when it's on special) and the "alla iosa" that jlunar mentions.

        I agree with your "several salads" comment - consistently fresh and fantastic - giugiulosa is my usual but also the ricchia, caprese and fagiolo (for lunch). Their salad specials are usually great as well - in the summer, they have one with strawberries, almonds, goat's cheese and a honey balsamic that's really delicious. We were there recently and had their burratta special (for 2) - large, fresh burratta with slices of grilled bread and a bowl of large cherry tomatoes sliced with olive oil, salt and basil. It was fabulous.

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        1. re: peppermint pate

          do you know where they were getting their burratta from?

          i'm a fan of the mushroom salads and generally the pizzas, there's only a few pastas that i feel are worth it and they're the ones that have already been mentioned by the other posters. haven't had it for a while though so i'm not sure what the consistency is currently like. i did have an orrechietti at balmoral that was a bit too mushy.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Exactly where, they didn't tell me, but the burrata was a local-made one from somewhere in Ontario. It was okay, but the Italian one I had in Montreal at Joe Beef was much creamier and more buttery.

            Still, nice to have it again.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Hi - no, sorry, don't know where they sourced it from. I'm by no means a burratta expert and the one I tried from La Salumeria last summer was perhaps a bit more like butter/mascarpone in the inside (to the point of almost too rich). But the one they served with the charred flavour on the bread and the perfectly seasoned fresh tomato halves - it had that classic hallmark of Italian food - fresh ingredients, high quality, simply prepared - delish.

            2. re: peppermint pate

              I considered the rigatoni. Maybe I'll try that next time. I've never heard of or had burratta. Interesting note for future consideration...

            3. I think of the 3 Terroni locations, the Balmoral one is probably the worst one historically. That being said, the last time we went to the Queen location years ago our pasta was well well past al dente and the rest of the food was so so at best. We haven't been back since.

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                I went before Christmas and very much enjoyed the Queen location. I had the duck ravioli, the service was perfect, and the wine recommendations were very good. The couple I went with had said many couples they knew had equally glowing praise? But if you're done with Terroni, try 7 numbers on Danforth. Same Italien home cooking style food with a tapis twist. Great ambiance, for me anyway.

                1. re: Euclus

                  I used to love the 7 Numbers near Avenue and Eglinton but then they moved and it wasn't the same place at all. I rarely get to the Danforth but last time I was at that 7Ns, it was pretty good.