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Jan 24, 2010 03:35 PM

Douro and Elia Taverna

Are both these restaurants owned by the former chef of Oporto in Hartsdale, Rui Cunha?
Thanks to anyone who can clarify.
Is Elia open yet? The website is unclear.

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  1. Nope! I am a regular at Douro and the story is that the current owner and chef (Rui Correia) of Douro was also the chef (not owner) at Oporto in Hartsdale. Chef Rui left Oporto to open his own place in Greenwich (Douro); when he left, Oporto closed. Rumor has it that he (Rui Correia) will soon open a second restaurant in Mamaroneck called Piri-Q. I never heard of Elia Taverna and I can say with certainty that neither Douro nor Rui Correia have any affiliation with this place (Elia). As I mentioned my boyfriend and I dine at Douro often. Each time we are greeted by the manager (also chef's fiancé) and she lets us in on all the scoop.. I'm not sure which website you found unclear, but here is Douro's site - Hope this helps :)

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      Just to build on the previous post. As mentioned, Rui Correia was the chef at Oporto in Hartsdale and he now has his own place Douro in Greenwich. The owner of Oporto in Hartsdale, Rui Cunha, is now at Elia Taverna. So, Rui Correira is now owner of Douro and the Rui Cunha is at Elia Taverna.

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        Thanks to you both! Much appreciate the info and clarification as to the two Rui's.

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          I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Elia's Taverna. Both said the grilled octopus is amazing.

          1. re: jhopp217

            We thought the grilled octopus at Elia's was awful--way oversalted and covered in slimy skin. As previously reviewed, I thought Elia's was good "for Westchester" but mediocre compared to a plethora of Greek restaurants over the bridge in Queens.

            1. re: Marge

              I've not been there and to be honest, my experience in Queens is embarrasing with the way I like food, especially Greek cuisine. Last time I was in Queens it was great, but what I had could have been pretty much replicated by anyone with some skill.

      2. re: grnichcnobb

        Got a chance to go back to Douro and it's still wonderful. Service couldn't be better and the food is sublime.

        Piri-Q is opening in a month or two and will be a must-try location for me. I'm so glad I have places like this in which to find real food.

        I encourage everyone who isn't into mediocre food to make a beeline to Douro, you won't be disappointed.

        Oh, and having seen the recipe on the right for a Sidecar for so long, I decided to try one. Boy, are they good!

      3. Regarding "Is Elia open yet?", the restaurant is now open.