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Jan 24, 2010 02:45 PM


Where is the best espresso in Brisbane? I'm going for a weekend and hoping to stay in the part of town with lots of cafes, art galleries and good food. I'm not looking for fancy sitdown dining - I'll be by myself for most meals and I would like to be near places where I can eat great thai/Malay/Vietnamese/Korean food. Any part of town like that? any suggestions of where to eat? great bakeries? any cuisine not found most other places?

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  1. Veneziano Caffe, 369 Montague Road, West End
    Di Bella Coffee, 82 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills
    One Drop, 515 St Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley (probably the best non roaster atm)

    In the CBD:
    Naked Coffee, Elizabeth Arcade
    Alen's Espresso 420 George St. (Between Herschel and Tank St)
    Hard Coffee 261 Queen Street (opposite Anzac Square and the entrance to Central Station)
    Brother Espresso, 127 Margaret St

    1. In terms for good coffee and bakery etc it is hard to go past new farm. Campos on wondoo st, behind the james st markets is great as is di bella mentioned by mr gimlet. Jocelyns provisions which is just beside the james st markets has the best baked goods by far however there is nowhere to sit. There are also numerous places to eat with china town walking distance and many other good cheap eating options. South bank is an area also worth considering given it is close to the galleries as well as cafe's, many of which are not really worth mentioning. Garage has good coffee though and for good cheap food it is hard to beat sardine tin and piaf, all the same owner and very close to each other.
      However, to stay in either of these locations you are limited in accomodation options. limes hotel and emporium are two options in the fortitude valley/new farm area while the mantra is decent in south bank. It may not be a bad idea to stay in the city which is in the middle of south bank and new farm and a short taxi, train, or citycat ride will take you where you want to go and with a few good bars opening recently with cheap food as well. Both south bank and the city i feel are pretty weak on the cuisines you mentioned.