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Jan 24, 2010 02:26 PM

The best pizza cookbooks?

I've got pizza crust down pretty well, and can whip up a mean deep dish or thin crust reliably, so I'm looking to branch out into some more creative pizzas. My usual pizza is simple: homemade mozzarella (that's the secret to the dough, too: the whey), capers, roasted garlic, chard or spinach, light red sauce, whatever fresh herbs I can get my hands on. So now what? I'm looking for recipes for more creative things: blue cheese pizza, white sauce pizza, ingredients I haven't though to put together yet, etc. What are your favorite pizza recipe cookbooks, in terms of creative pies? Again, i don't really need help with the dough itself, but need fresh ideas for using it. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure whether you're looking for a list of unusual ingredients for topping a pizza or if you want to try new styles of those delectable pies.
    Here's one that I think may come close to both targets:

    1. Peter Rainhart's "My search for the perfect pizza". Talks a lot about the history of pizza (Europe, US) but gives also good recipes for the different types of pizza etc.

      1. Pizza is a preferred pizza information source.

        1. Whenever I hear of a fabulous pizza place, I look for their menu on the internet. After all, they have combos that people are willing to pay for. I enter the most interesting combos onto a Word document, along with a photo, if available. My list is divided into sections -- White Sauce, Vegetarian, Pesto, Mexican-style, Ethnic (Thai, Indian, etc), BBQ, Salad Dressing, Chicken, Sausage/Bacon/Pepperoni/Prosciutto/Ham, Anchovy/Sardines/Tuna, and Dessert/Fruit pizzas. Of course, there's some overlap, but it's workable.

          At the end is my master list of individual ingredients, arranged into Sauce, Cheese, Veg, Nuts, Seafood, Meat, and Other.

          1. I like the James McNair books: 'Pizza' and 'New Pizza'