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Jan 24, 2010 01:35 PM

Serbian Burger - Kafana vs. Question Mark Cafe?

Has anyone tried the Serbian burger at one (or both) of these East Village places? The article in the NYT made it sound delicious, but there was no mention of Question Mark Cafe, a new place on First Avenue, which is small and cheap. I'm dying to try one or the other, or both, and wondering if anyone's got any tips.

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  1. I've been to both. Question Mark Cafe is more my thing b/c I'm on a budget. The burgers range from $5.50 to $8.50. I usually get the deluxe though of one of the burgers b/c it comes with french fries, a drink and the cafe's special feta cheese spread and a side size vegetable salad. The deluxes are an extra $2 or so but so worth it because of the amount of food you get.

    Kafana is more of a sit-down place and it's pricier. The food is out of my recessionista budget range. Also, one time I ordered an extra round of wine for me and my friend but the waitress forgot to bring it but ended up charging us for it..

    In terms of service, you get more of a friendlier vibe at Question Mark Cafe. There, you feel like you're being taken care of. The folks at Kafana are also nice but it's a little more of a formal niceness.

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      Thanks. I wound up at Kafana. I loved the place - cozy but a little raucous. Musicians showed up halfway through our meal, so we had a nice mix of a quiet start to the evening, amping up to the postage-card sized place being packed and noisy. The hamburger was good, not great, and a little pricey, like you said. They had a delicious savory cheese pie that I would go back for. Everything we ordered was very good, I also recommend the wheat berry dessert, which was unusual and oddly addictive. I will try Question Mark cafe too, but I thought they were closed..? Maybe it was temporary.

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        I just walked past Question Mark Cafe Sunday night on the way to dinner.
        They were open, and a sign out front advertised their Serbian burgers.

    2. Can you please explain what a "Serbian burger" is? Thanks...sounds intriguing!

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      1. anyone eaten at question mark cafe recently? new owners as of two weeks ago but it looked like they were still serving burgers; I had Indian there; it was very good.

        1. I have been to Kafana a few times and each time it was great. I've had the cevapi and the burger. The meat was excellent! Plus everything was made to order, so it took a while to get everything (that is, they don't just freeze the beef and put it on the grill)... Anyway, both the cevapi and the burger have mixed meat- beef and pork. That's why everything tastes better. A lot of Eastern European countries make their meats the same way (they mix).

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