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Restaurant week in Hampton Roads--reviews?

VAfoodie Jan 24, 2010 01:11 PM

Couldn't get a reservation at Terrapins but made it to Zoe's. We live in Yorktown, so don't get to the beach as much as we should, but then again, if Zoe's is one of the best at the beach, perhaps we don't need to make the trek. DD and DH both ordered different steaks. Both were tasteless. I had rockfish that was undercooked. Cafe Carmel tres leches--or something like that--was dry.

This week it's Restaurant Week in Norfolk and Williamsburg. I was sad to realize that there was really only one restaurant in Norfolk that I wanted to try (missing Bobby Huber and Sidney Meers in Norfolk)--that being Vintage Tavern. Will go next Saturday.

As for the Burg, I highly recommend The Blue Talon and 2nd Street. 2nd Street has reincarnated itself from a burger joint to one of my favorite restaurants. You can get a burger, you can get lobster mac and cheese, or you can get wonderful shrimp and grits, scallops, steaks. I am always torn between several entrees whenever I go there. Extensive wine list and wonderful martinis. Oh, and it is very reasonable.

  1. bythebayov Jan 27, 2010 12:41 PM

    Went to Eurasia for lunch last week (off the hook rockafella was my entree and had the salad w buttermilk chive dressing for app) was good though nothing spectacular, liked the rockafella but the salad was nothing special. Going to Bodegas tomor w a large group and hope it will be good, the online menu looked great but seems restaurant week can be a bit hit or miss, will let you know tomor :-)

    1. w
      wanderingviolet Jan 28, 2010 06:18 PM

      I went to Havana's in VB last week for dinner; I had the tortilla soup, chicken roulade stuffed with shrimp,scallops,black beans and goat cheese and bread pudding for dessert. The tortilla soup was tomato based and tasted like the inside of a red sauce enchilada. I was pleasantly surprised that chicken roulade was moist and juicy, I was expecting either the shrimp or scallop to be tough but neither was the case. The bread pudding was great, firm with a crispy top and a great caramel sauce. We also had very attentive service by the manager.

      We will be going to Todd Jurich's Saturday night

      1. bythebayov Feb 2, 2010 06:37 AM

        1. Bodegas were "eh" not horrible, not great. The portions were tapas sized (know this is a tapas restaurant but shouldn't be that small for restaurant week) and the food was forgettable. I had the tortellini (w a cream, pea and ham sauce), also tried the crab and spinach gnocchi (drowning in a béchamel w just a little back fin, not jumbo lump, and I got some shell in my portion), and also tried the ribs (good but nothing spectacular) and the mahi which was the best dish in my opinion. For dessert, the crema catelana (basically crème brule) was good and the cheesecake again was forgettable. Think the sauce was reduced strawberry jam (smuckers maybe) and the "slivers" of cake were a bit humorous honestly. Forgot to take pics :-( so can't post them here but all in all the company was great, the food was mediocre (they can and have produced much better food in the past) and I would go bk but next time prob just for tapas.

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