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Jan 24, 2010 12:57 PM

Boiling Crab Alhambra...Say it aint so???????

Has anyone been there recently??? Their website shows the Alhambra location closed. Are they relocation/remodeling to a bigger place?? Where to go now for my Spicey crawfish in the SGV/SFV?

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  1. Well, it was there when I drove by mid-week. Maybe some kind of ownership separation of the branches.

    1. Why don't you try calling them ??

      It's quicker and likely to be more accurate than enduring the pain and suffering of a drive-by panic attack.

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      1. re: JBC

        Or waiting for a response from someone on Chowhound ...

      2. Huh? Just checked your link and it is still on the website. Maybe you didn't read it carefully enough? It's not alphabetical ;)

        I can't imagine they would close from lack of business. That place is crowded all day. One of my wife's favorite places to eat! They are so famous, when my Vietnamese relatives came to visit from MN, they wanted to go there. Even in VN, people asked about Boiling Crab!

        1. Far from closing, they're actually opening a second branch in Alhambra on Main St.

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          1. re: taiwanesesmalleats

            Just passed by there today. Looked spanking new.