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Jan 24, 2010 12:50 PM

Need Italian Restaurant Suggestions in Philly

We are going to be in Philly this summer for vacation, I am looking for an authentic italian restaurant, that's family friendly, any suggestions?

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  1. Here are a few, all byo: Radicchio - get there early, as they don't take reservations; Salento; Branzino; Melograno - doesn't take reservations; Caffe Casta Diva; La Locanda del Ghittone.

    1. osteria is a good bet. plenty of space and they have a liquor license too. if you want a good italian american joint, try out dante and luigi's (also have a liquor license).

      1. I highly recommend Osteria. I just ate there Friday night. It was amazing.

        There are a bunch of great recommendations on their menu and photos of the dishes we had here:

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          1. How about Villa di Roma in the Italian Market? My personal favorite.

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              this is an italian american joint so you (the OP) know.