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Need Italian Restaurant Suggestions in Philly

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We are going to be in Philly this summer for vacation, I am looking for an authentic italian restaurant, that's family friendly, any suggestions?

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  1. Here are a few, all byo: Radicchio - get there early, as they don't take reservations; Salento; Branzino; Melograno - doesn't take reservations; Caffe Casta Diva; La Locanda del Ghittone.

    1. osteria is a good bet. plenty of space and they have a liquor license too. if you want a good italian american joint, try out dante and luigi's (also have a liquor license).

      1. I highly recommend Osteria. I just ate there Friday night. It was amazing.

        There are a bunch of great recommendations on their menu and photos of the dishes we had here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/684059

        1. How about Villa di Roma in the Italian Market? My personal favorite.

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            this is an italian american joint so you (the OP) know.

          2. Our favorite Italian in the city is Melograno, although as indicated, they don't take reservations, which is annoying. But their food is delicious and it's a BYO.