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Jan 24, 2010 12:30 PM

What to serve with thomas kellers winter squash and mushroom gnocchi

Making a special dinner for a special man in my life. I've psyched about the parisienne herbed gnocchi, and would like to serve it with a salad, and a dessert. I really love lemon curd and was going to make that was a pate sucre for a simple tart, but I'm having doubts about the mushrooms not playing well with the lemon. Any suggestions for both the salad and the dessert?

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  1. perhaps something with oranges for the salad, and adding some chocolate to the meyer lemon tart would work.

    1. I would do an arugula salad with citrus- grapefruit or oranges.

      If the gnocchi are heavy, I'd keep the tart simple and lemony. Refreshing after a heavy meal.