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ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

A big warning before you read this post: I guess it turns out that I am an ice cream snob. I don't think of myself as being particularly picky, but when it comes to the fat bomb of calories that ice cream delivers, I want to make sure it's really worth it!
I've been historically underwhelmed & frustrated by the Blue Pig (loved it at times, really DID NOT love it other times). I don't care for Longford's. Unimpressed with Purple Monkey. I have not been wowed by Tarrytown's Main Street Sweets' ice cream, even tho' it's a cute place and I like it in theory. Is there anyone in Westchester making good, fresh ice cream that isn't full of fillers & artificial colors? I know I must be missing something. The Ciao Bella gelato counter at WholeFoods in White Plains is about the best place I can think of...is there anything else?
Thanks in advance for your tips!

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  1. Have you tried the gelato place next to Ossining Pizzeria on Croton Ave?

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      Gelato @ Iron Tomato on Mamaroneck Ave. in WP?

      I really like Longford's, though.

    2. I love the gelato counters at Bacio in Bronxville, and Belizzi & Via Vanti - both in Mt. Kisco.
      Also - Paleteria Fernandez in Portchester has some unique and good ice cream.

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        the gelato next to Sal's isn't bad either...

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          If you're willing to cross the state line, in Greenwich, most of the way down Greenwich Ave on the right is a crepe place called Meli-Melo. Everything there is delicious, including their homemade ice cream and sorbet. The flavors are natural and intense. A couple of years ago my little boy ordered a mint chocolate chip ice cream and the waitress felt like she needed to warn us that the ice cream was made with real mint, not extract, and would be very minty. It was and he was very happy.

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            I do agree - Meli-Melo has fabulous ice cream. My favorite is their hazelnut.

            And, as others have mentioned, I also like Paleteria Fernandez. It's not an American-style ice cream place... they specialize in Mexican paletas (popsicles). I don't really like their scoopable ice cream, so stick to the paletas. Avocado, ronpope (eggnog), melon (cantaloupe), dulce de leche, and blackberry are my favorites.

      2. Paleteria Fernandez 33 N Main St Port Chester (914) 939-3694 has some amazing flavors of ice cream. Some of my favorites are: Advocado, Chongos and Rice Pudding.

        1. It's not ice cream but for excellent frozen custard, try Abbots in Shrub Oak (sorry it is a chain but worth a try), it's creamier then Ice Cream...... http://www.abbottscustard.com/

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            ISO is "in search of"
            I love Abbotts and can't wait 'til they reopen for spring. I will def. check out Meli-Melo...seems like CT just has better ice cream. And Palateria Fernandez is on my list, too. Thanks!
            (Ossining Pizzeria's gelato has never done it for me, which is too bad because it's close to home!)
            Thanks everyone.

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              Kat, Westchester is not known for their mind-blowing ice cream. Paletas are not big giant dishes of ice cream for a decent amount of money, which is what I want.

              I've found them upstate and in other states, but not in Westchester.

              I've read about Abbotts and Meli Melo (I doubt they give a lot for a decent amount of money) and have to check them out for myself. If Sal's gelato is like other gelato, it don't cut it when you want ice cream.

              Otherwise, you can forget about getting your ice cream fix in Westchester.

          2. As said by a few others scattered in the responses, Paleteria Fernandez in Port Chester. Not a lot of choice in the scoopable flavors, about 10-12, but amazing variety in the pops and absolutely delicious, fresh, housemade and they couldn't be nicer.

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              I'm an ice cream addict too, and only love real & intense flavors. Keep a look out for someplace that sells Jane's....http://janesicecream.net/.....I stumbled onto it once at a small store in Valatie, loved the intense chocolate so much I immediately emailed my also ice cream addicted sister in NYC, who pointed out that she'd told me about a Jane's cart in mid-town Manhattan the previous summer (she told me I had to come in to try the chocolate.) Brought a non-ice cream enthusiast once--she tried some non-chocolate flavors and became an equal enthusiast. I thought they had a cafe in Kingston, which was going to be on my pilgrimage there to check out a natural, pastured meat market, but I can't find anything about it. Anyone know more about the cafe?

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                I googled it and found this..... http://www.janesicecream.com/
                I have a cousin who lives up in that area, I'll ask her what she knows about it.
                According to that site they serve it at Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco and Cupcake Cafe in Irvington (even though they have both places listed under Putnam County - poor in geography but hopefully a winner in ice cream!!)

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                  Very promising! I may have to head over to Temptation Cafe in Nyack to try Jane's. Thanks for the tip.

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                    Can you report back, Kat? If prices are decent, they could be worth the trip. From their website, it looks like real ice cream.

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                      Jane's Ice Cream did indeed have a retail place in uptown Kingston where they sold sandwiches, salads, etc and a wide variety of ice cream flavors. Unfortunately it closed about two years ago.

                      There are several premium ice cream makers located here in the Hudson Valley and nearby areas that sell their products in NYC and Westchester supermarkets. I've tried all of them and all are better than the "big boys". Locally the market with the biggest selection of different makers is Adams. Also, there are quite a number of scoop shops that sell Jane's or one of the others.

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                        Yes, that's what my cousin said that she though it had closed but they still sell wholesale in many places. They have the place listed in Irivington as the Cupcake Cafe, I think it's actually the Cupcake Kitchen on Main St.

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                          Fenton's Creamery, on the Travel Channel's Countdown last night. This is what we need in Westchester, the vast wasteland of real old fashioned ice cream:


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                            LOL! I said exactly the same thing to Sr. S. last night! (I've made a list of chow destinations because of that show, and Fenton's is among the top of the list!)

                2. I finally got to try the ice cream at Cupcake Kitchen in Irvington. I have gone to Irvington twice before in the hope of trying it, but both times it was closed. (The first time it was past business hours and I hadn't realized since it was REALLY early-- like 6, and the second time they must have closed early without notice.) I was ready to give up, but we called, and they're open till 8 on Fridays, so we ran over after dinner at Tomatillo.

                  No joke, this is the BEST ice cream I've had in months. This is what Blue Pig used to be like before the change in ownership. As much as I like the consistency of hours at the new Blue Pig and the pleasant new owner, the ice cream just hasn't been the same at all-- icey and flavors that are not as bold as they used to be. Jane's ice cream is creamy and luscious and the flavors ring true. We tried chocolate, coconut almond joy, cappuccino, and peanut butter cup, and each was better than the next.

                  The only caveat is that the hours are weird because it's not strictly an ice cream parlor. If I were them, I would really talk up the ice cream, because in the peak of summer, they could be jam packed with ice cream lovers till much later. As of now, their hours are pretty limited. Also, I will call before going to avoid risking disappointment.


                  13 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

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                    Thanks. Speaking of the Blue Pig, we got a couple cups last week--while the ice cream was okay, a small cup was one TINY scoop for $3.50...

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                      Definitely try Cupcake Kitchen. It is $3.75 for 2 generous scoops. I have noticed the teeny tiny portion sizes at the new Blue Pig too, though honestly, I have been so unimpressed with the ice cream that I don't think I'd want to waste my calories on a bigger scoop... whereas I'm pretty sure I could eat a gallon of the Jane's chocolate ice cream.

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                        Danielle's Gelateria in Greenwich on the ave next to Versailles & Starbucks. SUPERB! worth every penny and calorie!

                        1. re: cubanat

                          How much and how big are the scoops?

                          1. re: anonymouse1935

                            large portions and priced at $4 and change for small, $5 and change for medium...well worth it especially compared to other area places giving out half as much for same price.

                            1. re: cubanat

                              Not bad, you're right, especially if they're good.

                    2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                      I'm a big fan of Jane's, but that's different from being a fan of a place that sells Jane's. If you don't handle the ice cream properly (e.g. allowing it to melt, refreeze, melt, refreeze...) then no matter how great the ice cream, it will turn into a disappointing scoop. In addition, if a place doesn't sell a lot of ice cream and has low turnover, quality will suffer as well. I've had Jane's at some of the HV farm stores and it was not so good...

                      With that said, I've never been to Cupcake Kitchen, but Lick (Hudson) and Beacon Creamery (Beacon obviously) are both pretty good ice cream shops that serve Jane's. I prefer Lick because they carried the more unusual flavors in Jane's product line...lavender, plum (sorbet), and fig come to mind. I'm not sure if they still carry those though. A bit out of the way for you, but I suppose if you're in those areas, something to keep in mind.

                      As for the Blue Pig, my portions were actually on the large side....although to be fair, I was served by a kid who looked about 17, so perhaps he was not quite as concerned about portion control. As for the flavors, I had a scoop of the chocolate peanut butter cup and thought it was pretty good and definitely not icy, but I would have to agree with you that Jane's is still better.

                    3. Go to Abbot's in Shrub Oak. It is kind of a chain, but you wouldn't know it from the place. They serve delicious frozen custard. It is near the Library.

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                        Abbott's is one of my absolute favorites. Just had their banana custard last night for the first time -- a huge hit with adults and kids in my house.

                      2. welll in HARTSDALE there's a place called Juicce & Java (across the street from new york sports club, the gym) they have 24 flavors on Ciao Bella Gelato and Sorbet, its really good and they have sundae's you should try it out. Hope this helped!!

                        Juicce & Java
                        201 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

                        Ciao Bella
                        149 S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580

                        1. belizzi mount kisco. also the torrone gelato at le tulipe, their other flavors are not as good imo.

                          1. Gofer's in Greenwich, yes its a chain but a small chain and the ice cream is very good

                            1. Last summer I just about gave up on Blue Pig. The ice cream was very inconsistent. I never knew whether it would be icy, chunky, whatever, and the flavors were weak. I even began frequenting Purple Monkey, just to avoid the disappointment of another dud from Blue Pig.

                              BUT I am THRILLED to report that Blue Pig is back on top of its game. They have regular hours (imagine that!!), a friendly owner, and the best ice cream in Westchester (giving my previous favorite, Jane's, which is sold at Cupcake Kitchen in Irvington, a run for its money) once again.

                              Current favorites:
                              caramel cookie
                              chocolate peanut butter
                              banana peanut croquant (FABULOUS banana ice cream with crushed peanuts and caramel, almost like a brittle thing going on with it)
                              red velvet

                              The ice cream is much more creamy than it was last year and the flavors bolder and truer. I will be making a weekly pilgrimage to try as many flavors as I can this summer.

                              Not for the faint of heart... leek ice cream with local bacon chunks. Surprisingly sweet and smoky.... though I don't think I could do more than a taste.

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                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                Great to hear, thanks for the report! I planned on heading there for my last craving hoorah before Baby #2 arrives in 2 weeks! You just clinched it with that banana peanut croquant flavor - sounds awesome! Exactly what I've been jonesing for!

                                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                  Update: can't miss flavors-- bourbon butter pecan, kahlua cookie, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter, and banana cake (name does not do it justice-- their amazing banana base with huge chunks of cake from Homestyle Bakery in Peekskill)... love that they use local fruit but found their peach and strawberry a TINY bit icy. Think I had a chocolate raspberry swirl, though, that was fantastic.

                                2. There is a tiny deli behind the movie theater in Mamaroneck called Lou's Food. They serve ice cream there and the ice cream is from the Bellvale Creamery in Warwick. The ice cream is made on the creamery's own dairy farm and is truly the best I have ever had.

                                  It's worth it to take the trip to Warwick if you have the time, but if you can't get there (or if it's winter and the creamery is closed for the season) you can get your fix from Lou's Food.

                                  1. Unbeknownst to me, Blue Pig has been open since April. I'm making up for lost time the past couple of weeks. New flavors include chocolate cabernet (surprisingly good), peanut butter oreo (cookies and cream with chunks of creamy peanut butter mixed in), and olive oil (inspired by Otto, I guess, but not a fan of it there and not a fan of it here!). I've noticed the scooping size has been inconsistent (my husband's sampler was giant yesterday and mine was tiny compared), but other than that, no complaints, just yum!

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                                      Thanks for the heads-up-- today we bribed my daughter to go on a walk with us with the promise of ice cream afterward! Fortunately we got out of there and home before the deluge. I'd never been; I had the toasted almond, which was tasty, but I found the almonds a bit too textural for my liking. But it's nice to know the place is there.

                                    2. Try the gelato at Tarry Market.