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Beef Brisket

Where in Toronto can I buy corned beef brisket with spice packet to make the famous Beef Brisket and Cabbage dish for St. Paddy's ? Also, can you recommend a restaurant in Toronto that serves such a traditional dish? Thanks !

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  1. I'm pretty sure Nortown sells sealed packages of some sort of brined or marinated brisket for 'corning', with spices. I've never bought it but I'm fairly sure they have this.

    Maybe Irish Embassy does this for St. Paddy's?? I know they do Colcannon...

    1. You can buy fully corned beef in cryo-vac from Cumbraes. I can't recall the price, but it struck me as reasonable for Cumbraes. Good stuff too, a bit heavy on the star anise and cinnamon flavors but otherwise very nice. I've simmered it with cabbage Irish style twice now to happy results.

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        How long do you simmer it and do you put a fair amount of water in the pot?

      2. Thanks to you all of you who answered me !

        1. Chicago 58 in Concord/Vaughan

          135 Haist, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5V6
          (905) 265-1044

          You can also buy it at St Lawrence Market.

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            I've seen it at the SLM, but I forget whether it was at Manos meats or La Boucherie.

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              Hi there..i work near Chicago 58 and drove by it..looks industrial...did not see any sign of retail there front or back...do you have to call first to book an appointment to go in? Also, do you know their price per pound? thanks a bunch

            2. Loblaw usually has it in small cryovac packages, which can be simmered in the bag.
              The spicing is already done. Some cabbage quarters can be added to the pot, with potatoes, and some more pickling spices.

              1. This might sound extravagant, but every year for Grey Cup and for Super Bowl, we ship in a smoked brisket from Schwartz's Deli in Montreal. It comes sealed and they ship it overnight. Once you open it, you then steam it for a couple of hours and voila! http://schwartzsdeli.com/

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                  If you want to do a little work you can get a great piece of brisket from Costco and cook it yourself. Don't know where to get spices you will need though.

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                    If Herne is referring to slabs of Dunn's smoked meat in cryovac, it is already spiced and has the traditional Montreal flavor. I rub it with hot smoked paprika before steaming.
                    The Dunn's is $11/kg, same price as the raw corned beef at Loblaw.

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                      I was referring to slabs of brisket in the meat area along with all the rest of the beef etc. I've seen the Dunn's and I want to hear that people like it before buying one.

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                    I've heard of this more than once

                    Can you tell me what the total is, after all shipping & taxes?


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                      If your are talking to me--the brisket is about $20 or less. No idea about where you want it shipped to or taxes.

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                        duckdown was clearly replying to astaylor (see the "re: astaylor" in the upper right of his post?)

                        According to Schwartz's website, brisket is $10.95/pound. I am presuming that shipping is extra.

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                          S18 - $20 is about the price of most beef product packages at Costco I've found. I used a brisket recipe I got off the web to get the spices right.

                          Sorry for replying out of order:)