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Jan 24, 2010 11:39 AM

National brand supermarket breads - if you buy them, which do you like?

Ruling out in-store bakery loaves and bagged store-brand breads, what do you choose when you are buying bread rather than making your own?

I used to get a Harvest Multigrain bread in a brown paper bag with a glassine window - inside, the loaf was in a plastic bag. I think the brand is Baker's Inn but the local stores seem to have dropped it. I think it did have HFCS but I liked its texture and flavor, and it wasn't fast to mold.

Last week I discovered the "Everything" variety of Arnold's Jewish Rye, and I like it a lot. Generous amounts of sunflower, sesame, caraway, and other seeds inside and out. A bit coarse in texture but not overly dry. Good flavor, contains white flour but no HFCS, and what's left after a week at room temp has no mold.

What do you like? Extra points for breads with little or no white flour, and no HFCS. TIA

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    1. I actually like the Kirkland Organic Whole Wheat bread from Costco. No HFCS.

      1. Pepperidge Farm country white, if I have to buy a packaged bread. It makes pretty good toast. I also use it for turkey stuffing.

        1. I like Arnold's whole wheat bread and buns but my favorite sandwich bread is Schwebel's Jewish rye.

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            We like Arnold breads in general, and almost always have rye and whole wheat. We also buy Pepperidge Farm Rye. When I go to Whole Foods, I always pick up a loaf of their in-store bakery rye, which is outstanding.

            For hot dog rolls (or when I have a craving for a peanut butter sandwich), we buy Martin's potato rolls/bread.

          2. Rudi's Organic Colorado Cracked Wheat Bread. No HFCS, but a mix of white and whole wheat flour....full ingredient list and nutrition label linked.