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Has anyone had any experience with the Breville Smart Toaster/Convection oven? It seems to get favourable reviews. I want to finally ditch the microwave as I only use it rarely for reheating and don't think they are that safe health wise. I have a small kitchen and would love to mount the Breville under the cabinets, but don't think it can be done due to it getting to the oven getting too hot. I'd appreciate any information from other Chowhounders.

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    1. I think it is wise to ask yourself what you'd like to do with the toaster oven. Personally, I use my toaster oven all the time, and I really prefer something small and very simple. I use it to toast sandwiches, bagels, and maybe cook some small single-serving vegetables or potatoes. To me, the Brevilles over-complicate what should be a very simple appliance. For example, I personally see no need for a toaster oven with a 60 minute timer, as anything that I would be cooking for that long would go into the regular oven. In my opinion, convection, digital readouts, etc. are all unnecessary for this sort of appliance. For me, simpler is better.

      1. Our old Black & Decker toaster oven just died (good riddance - never really liked the way it toasted anyway) and I decided it was time to replace it with something seriously high-end.

        I did a lot of research. I wanted something that could do a lot of small baking/roasting/reheating jobs impeccably (we're empty nesters) as well as toast effectively, with convection capability as a plus.

        I finally had it narrowed down to either the top-of-the-line Krups or Cuisinart, but in reading (and reading, and reading) the reviews, each one had some serious drawbacks - like on the Cuisinart, if you set it to bake something for X amount of time, when the timer hits zero it beeps to let you know, but the oven keeps on running until you manually turn it off! Astoundingly bad design choice. And the Krups (German brand with a good reputation, but now made in China) has a somewhat cramped interior and heats unevenly, with reports of a lot of out-of-the-box failures, with lengthy and awkward customer service. And both of them have front panels that get hot enough to give a serious burn.

        Then I stumbled - almost accidentally - across the Breville, a brand I'd never even heard of. And started looking into it. And kept looking. And started smiling. The only negative I found was someone who was upset that you can't bake on foil or use glass pans in it. And I looked further and found that even that is not true - you shouldn't let foil touch the heating elements, or use oven-proof glass at very high heats, but that's true in general, not specific to the Breville.

        So I just ordered one, at a whopping $245 (the best price I could find, on Amazon). Even though the Krups and Cuisinart, with comparable or higher list prices, are discounted widely to $150 - $200, I decided for a long-term purchase the Breville just looks like it offers better value.

        It is due to arrive Wednesday. I'll post back later once I've had some experience with it.

        Oh, and about installing it under cabinets - I would not do this with any toaster oven, they all get hot on the top and/or sides. This one will be sitting on a counter with at least 8" clearance above it.

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          Initial impression is positive. I've only used it for toast, broiling, and reheating so far, but it cooks quickly and evenly and the reheat cycle warmed up a dish of leftover pasta nicely without overheating or scorching the top. The convection fan is audible but quiet, much quieter than the fan in our full-sized oven.

          It looks impressive, though as others have noted the knobs feel flimsy for such an otherwise solid machine. And it definitely has enough interior room to cook a good-sized chicken!

          So far, so good.

          1. re: BobB

            Just found my first quibble: although you can set the Breville to broil at 500°, you can't set it to roast above 450°. I did a couple of racks of lamb in it last night and usually do these at the higher heat to get a good exterior browning while keeping the interior nicely pink. They cooked OK at 450° but not quite as well as I'm used to. I don't understand why 500° roasting isn't an option when the thermostat obviously goes that high.

        2. The Krups top-of-the-line FBC4 toaster oven is very similar to the Breville, on paper at least. I've been using the similar FBC2 for three years now and am very pleased with most of what it does. Toasting bread isn't as even as with a proper toaster, but I don't mind. And for broiling and baking, with or without convection, to feed 1-2 people, it's gotten more use than the full-size gas oven right next to it.

          The Krups ventilates through a row of slits at the front right corner of the top, so it needs clearance there. Not much space behind it where I've put it, but plenty on either side and of course in front. The outside of the oven doesn't get what I'd call really hot, but the users guide advises touching only the knobs and the handle, and wearing oven gloves if necessary.

          The guide is here:


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          1. re: armagnac

            Similar but as best I can tell from the limited information on the Krups spec sheet, slightly smaller, at least in terms of interior height. The Breville has room to convection-roast a 4 - 5 lb chicken. It does not look like the Krups can do that but I couldn't find clear evidence one way or the other. Can you confirm?

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              FWIW, I have the Krups FBC2 and the "Toast" button broke after about 1 year of use. Since then, we've had to use the oven set to 450 to toast, which is seriously annoying (requires several button pushes and settings). I also don't understand why it has to beep several times every time it does anything - I just pushed "off," I KNOW you're turning off, you don't have to give me three high-volume beeps to let me know that you're turning off. (This is important in a house with a small child who might be napping in the next room; I end up avoiding using the toaster during these times because the dang beep is SO LOUD.)

              Otherwise it works pretty well, but for a $200 toaster I expected better. Gonna try the Breville next, since the broken "Toast" button is pretty much a deal-killer.

            2. How do people find cleaning the Breville or the Krupps? I don't own one but from what I've seen of both these ovens in the stores they look like a pain to clean, what with all those elements, rods and covers on the ceiling. How do you get at, in between, and around those things?

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                On the Breville the sides have a non-stick coating and wipe down easily, and the bottom slides out for cleaning so the lower burners are a non-issue. The top I pretty much ignore and it hasn't been a problem. As I recall I never cleaned the interior top of my last toaster oven the whole time I owned it and that was no problem either. I suspect the proximity of the heating elements keeps the top more or less self-cleaning.

              2. I have had one for about a month and absolutely love it. Bought it on Craig's List new in box, never opened for $200 cash. So far, I have toasted, broiled and baked several dishes. It has worked flawlessly. I find it easy to use and easy to clean. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

                1. I have had my Breville for about 6 months, having replaced a 3 year old Krups that suddenly died. The Breville is great, easy to use, toasts beautifully & maintains even heat for baking, etc. Serves as a second oven when cooking a large meal. The top serves as a warming area, for plates, so it really can't be mounted. Expensive, but worth it. 20% off at BB&B with coupon.

                  1. I've had it for over 1 year and LOVE it~ customer service is superb too- its our toaster every morning and I have baked quick breads, roasted vegetables, and broiled items in it too- love it!

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                    1. re: Ucdavis

                      Would one of you mind measuring and reporting the length of the electric cord?

                      I'm very interested in the Breville, but fear the cord may be too short to reach the appropriate electrical outlet. Thanks for your help.

                      1. re: wvgardener

                        Stretched out straight it's 36 inches on the full sized Breville. It's a heavy-duty 3-prong cord, you could extend it with a matching extension cord like the type used for power tools.

                    2. Breville has just released a mini oven, basically a toaster oven. It's being sold exclusively at Williams-Sonoma. I'm excited to see it in person as we also need a small size toaster oven, and the two larger sizes have garnered such rave reviews. :)

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                      1. re: goodeatsgal

                        Bed Bath and Beyond has the non convection smaller Breville toaster oven as well.

                      2. And now, from the trivial but amusing factoids department: if you're a fan of 30 Rock, watch closely the next time they show the staff in the break room - there's a full sized Breville on the counter there.

                        1. Just got mine a few days ago and haven't used it yet. I used 20% discount from WS over this wekend so for about $200 I got the one I wanted and I'm excited. I will report back after I've used it.

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                          1. re: DAVESGIRL

                            I love my Breville. I've had it for a couple of years now and not only does it work great, it still looks great too. I think it was worth every penny I spent on it and more.

                            1. re: flourgirl

                              I'm with you. Use mine all the time, and in the summer I never turn on the large oven at all.

                              1. re: pikawicca

                                This is what I'm aspiring to! "Never having to turn on the oven in the summer"

                                1. re: DAVESGIRL

                                  Yep, same here. I have a small house, and the large oven heats up the entire house in no time at all. The Breville does the job just fine without battling with my A/C.

                              2. re: flourgirl


                                I love my Breville. The only thing I'd recommend is having a separate circuit for it. It draws a lot of electricity and I've had an issue at times when I'm using the Breville, the microwave, and the coffee maker all at once (for ex., when making breakfast).

                                1. re: Christina D

                                  Christina, yes, I've had the same problem! I recently had our home's electric service upgraded from 100 amp service to 200 amp service and i thought that would take care of the problem with the Breville. It didn't, I still have the circuit blow at times, I guess I'm going to have to do what you suggested.

                            2. BobB (above) said that the Breville had enough room to convection roast a 4-5 lb. chicken. Has anyone actually done this? How did it turn out?

                              I need to replace an old countertop convection oven and I miss having roast chicken regularly.

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                              1. re: Stephanie Wong

                                We frequently cook 5+ lbs of chicken pieces in the Breville. As for a whole chicken, I butterfly mine. Also, remember to preheat the oven before inserting the chicken. Otherwise the top scorches.
                                I really like our Breville (which DH thoroughly researched prior to purchase)

                                1. re: Stephanie Wong

                                  I was guesstimating - I haven't actually done that, but there is about 5 - 5-1/2" clearance above the rack when it's in the roasting position, so you can measure for yourself. As KarenDW says, you might need to butterfly it to fit.

                                  1. re: Stephanie Wong

                                    If I am cooking indoors, the Breville is my preferred appliance for roasting a chicken. I usually pick smaller ones, in the 3.5 to 4 lb. range, because there are just two of us here. But I roast them whole in the Breville oven, and they come out great.

                                    Everything that I can possibly fit in the Breville, I do there instead of my regular oven. Chickens, rack of lamb, cakes, etc.

                                  2. I'm debating about whether to buy the larger "Smart Oven" and bring it back to Taiwan with me on my next trip to the US. Read a lot of complaints about low temps, early failures and LCD display problems, mostly on Amazon. I won't have access to any warranty service, or any service at all. It sounds like a great oven, but can anyone comment on the reliability of recently purchased models (say within the past year)?

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                                    1. re: JoeBlow65

                                      I bought mine last year (amazon). Just short of 1 year, the LCD display went out. I called the 800# and the Customer Service was amazing. I talked to an actual person who was courteous and efficient. His first comment was "We will be sending you a new Smart Oven. And they did.

                                      1. re: maggielouise

                                        Thanks for your reply! Great customer service is fine, but I'll be overseas and won't be able to access it. So I'm after a reliable product. Hard to find nowadays with everything MIC (made in you-know-where). You were lucky with it being just short of 1 year.

                                        1. re: JoeBlow65

                                          If this one goes bad, I will replace it with another of the same. I'm thinking they might be on top of Quality Control. For example, I've read a lot of complaints about the hot oven rack easily coming out of the oven along with your hot dish. When my replacement oven arrived, the rack had 'stops' that prevented this. A Very Big improvement.

                                          Some toaster ovens are easily $150-200. This is so much more than a toaster oven, and so obviously well made.

                                          When my LCD went out it was still usable. The light went out so the screen was just harder to read.

                                      2. re: JoeBlow65

                                        I'm sorry to read that people have been having problems like that with this oven because I love mine so much. I believe I've had mine going on 3 years now, I use it almost every day, usually several times, & I'm not having any of those problems.

                                        1. re: JoeBlow65

                                          Thanks to all for your replies. Glad to hear most of you have had no (or minimal) problems with your Brevilles. I'll have a week in-country to try and break it before I take it overseas. Planning to buy from BB&Beyond with a 20% off coupon. A return should be no problem if something goes bad within the week.

                                          Also looking at the Calphalon XL Digital Convection Oven, but can't find too many objective reviews. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/produ...&

                                          1. re: JoeBlow65

                                            Just thought I'd tell everyone I bought the BOV800XL, tested it for a week, then brought it back to Taiwan. Everything works as advertised and I'm pretty impressed with it so far. Checked the temps with a combo probe/oven thermometer from Sur La Table and it runs about 15 F below the set temp. The "Element IQ" is pretty nice. It varies the amount of current passing through the heating elements so that it doesn't overshoot the set temperature.

                                            Only sad thing is that some airport baggage handlers must have slammed the box pretty hard as 3 out of 5 of the quartz tubes covering the heating elements were broken on arrival. I wired them up with high quality stainless wire and tested it out. Seems to work as before. Just need to be careful not to drip stuff directly onto the exposed elements.

                                          2. I've had the BOV800XL model for a few years now, and love it. It's perfect for a single person as myself. It can hold small pans, the toasting part is spot on in terms of making your bread hot no matter what the darkness. I love roasting marrow bones in it. Perfect every time.

                                            The Breville does get hot on the outside and the info board light seems to have dimmed: so I have to look close (nose close) to see what my settings are. Still, it's a great machine.

                                            1. Just short of a year my Breville Smart Oven died. In the middle of making toast, its display went blank and it just stopped working. Fortunately the retailer we purchased it from took it back and replaced it.

                                              Prior to this issue, we'd used the oven regularly (at least once per day) without incident and haven't hesitated to recommend it since it had risen to any challenge from roasting, baking, cooking pizza, broiling and toasting it out-performed any toaster oven we'd had previously.

                                              I truly hope what happened was an isolated incident and that we'll enjoy our new oven for many years to come.

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                                              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                                I'm bummed to hear this. I'm getting the feeling, based on some recent Amazon reviews, and posts like yours, that quality control of these appliances is suffering. I hope they get on the ball.

                                                1. re: flourgirl

                                                  Isn't that interesting flourgirl. I didn't even think to look on-line since it was less than a year old...we just returned it. Now I see this isn't an isolated incident and others are reporting the exact same issue. At this price point, I'd certainly expect to get more than a year's use out of a product. Very disappointing. Thanks for pointing this out...I'm glad I have a new receipt, hopefully if this one finds itself on its last legs, it does so before within the first year!!

                                                  1. re: flourgirl

                                                    that is disappointing. we just got ours a few months ago and it's a serious amount of mulah for a toaster oven. thanks for the heads up - i'll be hanging on to our receipt.

                                                  2. re: Breadcrumbs

                                                    BC, the exact same thing happened to mine. I just emailed Breville customer service, and they sent me a shipping label. I sent it back on their dime, and they sent a new oven out very promptly. Whatever the problem was, I hope they have it resolved in the replacement. So far so good - it's been about six months. At least the customer service was good. I'm so attached to my Breville oven, I'd get another in a heartbeat.

                                                    1. re: MelMM

                                                      The engineers must have dropped the ball somewhere. They are supposed to build it so it dies just AFTER one year. :-)

                                                      1. re: Mike9876

                                                        Mine's been in daily use for over a year now, no sign of any problems.

                                                  3. This discussion has me thinking of getting a Breville Smart Oven before the current toaster oven burns the house down. Can one of you that has one tell me how big it is? I see on Amazon and elsewhere dimensions of 18 1/2 x 16 1/4 x 11 1/4. What it doesn't say is what is length, width and height and I can't be totally sure from the picture. TIA

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                                                    1. re: gourmanda

                                                      Hi Gourmanda - there are three sizes of the Breville Smart Oven. The smallest, the toaster oven size (I think they call it the Mini Oven) just came out a few months ago, and I think it's only being sold at Williams-Sonoma. That's the one we bought. It fits 4 slices of bread. We love it!

                                                      1. re: gourmanda

                                                        I have the full sized model, and it's about 18-1/2"W, 10-1/2"H, and 13-1/2"D (plus a handle that sticks out another two inches in front).

                                                          1. re: gourmanda

                                                            You're going to love it. The day I used the toaster oven to make toast and it actually did it perfectly I think I cried a little. Good at all functions.

                                                          2. re: BobB

                                                            Thanks for the reports on the Breville. I purchased the Compact Smart Oven this weekend. Only used it a few times but so far I love it! Non-stick, easy to read, fabulous crumb tray. I'm thankful to all the posters that reported on their experiences with Breville.

                                                        1. We love ours! We use it all of the time. It can handle a 9x13 pan easily, preheats quickly and bakes evenly with the convection feature on. Also, it makes the best toast ever!

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                                                          1. re: sherrence

                                                            I love the Smart Oven BOV800XL for baking pie. It preheats quickly to 425°F - much faster than my stove's oven. The convection mode works well and very quietly. This morning I baked an apple pie at 425°F for 15 minutes, then finished it at 375°F for 35 minutes. Easy as pie.
                                                            Great results for both baking and roasting. I roasted radishes last night for 20 minutes at 375°F tossed in olive oil, lightly salted with freshly ground black pepper.
                                                            Not using it for toast, since we might only do one slice at a time or only English muffin halves; too much energy usage for a single slice and it toasts unevenly.
                                                            For the two of us in a small kitchen, this is the most happily used appliance after the KA mixer, the food processor, and my dishwasher.

                                                            1. re: Cynsa

                                                              I'll have to try radishes in mine Cynsa...I love roasted radishes and for some reason I've never used the Breville. Did you use convection for the radishes or just bake?

                                                              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                                                with convection. I love these roasted radishes. Use the salt sparingly - too much salt on my last batch!

                                                          2. Used smaller Smart Oven by Breville for the first time. The outside gets REALLY hot and the unit gives off a lot of heat. I have a small kitchen, and there was a noticeable difference in the room when I walked back in with the toaster oven having been on. The room was hotter. If someone touches it by accident, if they don't get burned, it's going to be one hot surprise, at the very least.

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                                                            1. re: Klady

                                                              The unit does get hot. In fact, the manufacturer suggests that the top of the unit can be used a plate warmer.

                                                              But as for my kitchen heating up, this unit doesn't affect my kitchen temperature nearly as much as my full-sized range does. That's one of the pluses, imo, especially in the summer.

                                                            2. We just bought the 800 model and it is so quiet! So quiet in fact that I'm wondering if the convection is working. No fan sound at all. Anyone have any thoughts on whether I should be able to hear the fan? Thanks!

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                                                              1. re: PickyChicky

                                                                There's a little low cycle hum, but its pretty quiet.

                                                                1. re: Googs

                                                                  Thanks - turns out the fan wasn't working. I returned it to Bed Bath & Beyond for a replacement. Super easy return and now I have convection! Yay!

                                                              2. I have this oven. The first thing I would tell you is it cannot be mounted under a cabinet. The top of this oven is a heating tray. And, regardless of what you are doing with the oven, the exterior of the oven BUT ESPECIALLY THE TOP, gets hot enough to burn you. So it would definately be a huge fire hazzard to even consider mounting it under wood.

                                                                I have it sitting on my granite counter tops but was so fearful of possible damage to the granite that I have a heat resistant glass protector under it. And, I am very careful to make sure the space on all sides is big enough to not generate additional heat OR cause damage to the cabinet just above it.

                                                                Other than the exterior heat issue, I have used it for all the applications, and it does do everything... and it works well.

                                                                I use it most of the time as a second oven. I put everything in it I would put in larger built-in and I broil a lot in it. It does cookies and cakes really well. And, of course if you wanted to, you can use as regular toaster oven.

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                                                                1. re: SherryYT

                                                                  I agree the top gets hot - in fact, in the manual they mention that you can use it to prewarm your plates, and sometimes I do. But heat underneath is a non-issue. Mine has been sitting on a laminate (not stone) counter for almost four years now with no hint of overheating.

                                                                  1. re: BobB

                                                                    Same here. I have no worries about it venting heat anywhere other than where it's supposed to. And yes, my plates are always warm.

                                                                  2. re: SherryYT

                                                                    I've got mine sitting next to the range, under a cabinet. There's about 7.5" of clearance above the oven. Have you checked the heat at cabinet level when yours is running?

                                                                    Yes, it will warm plates but the heat quickly dissipates in my kitchen. Even when baking in it for an hour, the top never gets hot enough to do any kind of damage to my cabinets. I've placed my hand on the wood at the bottom of the cabinet, it is barely warm. Over time, it could prematurely cause glue to break down, but that would likely take a LONG time.

                                                                    1. re: DuffyH

                                                                      I've had the cutting board with feet that they sell as an accessory on mine since it's on an open counter with no upper cabinets and the cutting board never even gets warm. I use it to set things on to cool when they come out of the oven.

                                                                      1. re: rasputina

                                                                        I have a cutting board with feet that I put on mine but it's not theirs. It's definitely non the worse for wear. The "feet" on mine are silicone bumpers.

                                                                    2. re: SherryYT

                                                                      SherryYT, those granite tops of yours won't be harmed by heat at all. They'll last longer than anything in your kitchen... You really don't need the glass tray under the Breville.

                                                                      1. re: kitchengardengal

                                                                        I have been using this oven for three years now and I have never heard a fan noise.

                                                                        For what that is worth....

                                                                        1. re: SherryYT

                                                                          <I have been using this oven for three years now and I have never heard a fan noise.>

                                                                          Every time I turn mine on, any setting, it makes noise. It's a quiet buzz, but louder with the door open. It sounds like a weak fan. I always thought it was, anyway.

                                                                          Do the heating elements make noise?

                                                                          1. re: DuffyH

                                                                            No the heating elements are silent. I have been doing a lot of research on this subject and I think this oven is the best thing going at this time. The users all seem to be really satisfied with it. I have read reviews at QVC, Amazon and even Breville direct... I just cannot find anyone that would have returned it or would not replace it with another of same.

                                                                            1. re: DuffyH

                                                                              I did not want to tell you anything that was not absolutely true so I went in to kitchen and turned on the oven. IT DOES have fan noise. And, I suppose it would not work as well, without it. That is what circulates the heat so efficiently. I just never paid attention to it before.

                                                                              Just wanted to make sure I got that information correct for you.

                                                                              1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                <Just wanted to make sure I got that information correct for you.>

                                                                                Thank you! I won't have to schedule a hearing exam after all. :)

                                                                              2. re: DuffyH

                                                                                The convection fan makes some noise. There's not much noise at all when the fan's turned off.

                                                                          2. re: SherryYT

                                                                            I own a few small apartment units with small kitchenettes (too small for conventional stoves). Most are equipped with microwave ovens which sit in a microwave shelf built into the kitchen cabinets (see photo). A tenant wants to replace the microwave (which is broken) with one of the Breville “smart ovens” and while I don’t mind spending the $$$ I’m concerned that she wants to place it in the microwave cabinet, which would have (in the case of the mid-sized unit) about 3” clearance on each side (and not the 4” recommended).

                                                                            Indeed, it seems that the makers of most small cooking appliances… including microwave ovens… mandate 4” of clearance. In one case this was suggested in order to avoid the risk of the cabinet being discolored (not a big concern) or to avoid shortening the service life of the appliance (not a big concern).

                                                                            My only concern is fire.

                                                                            Should I be concerned?

                                                                            Overhead clearance might be 6 1/2" but I would need to check.

                                                                            1. re: apartment_guy

                                                                              Yes you SHOULD be concerned. The top of this oven IS a HOT PLATE! It is meant to keep food piping hot. And, you cannot disable this feature. You would be asking for tradgedy and liability if you even considered placing this oven in an enclosed space of ANY kind.

                                                                              1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                <The top of this oven IS a HOT PLATE! It is meant to keep food piping hot.>

                                                                                Not exactly. Yes, it is hot. But it is not a hot plate, nor is it designed to keep food "piping hot." It is designed to warm plates. From the owner's manual:

                                                                                "The top of the oven is very hot during and after operation. Do not store any item on top of the oven when in operation.
                                                                                The only exceptions are:
                                                                                • One layer of ceramic plates for warming.
                                                                                • The optional Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray accessory provided by Breville for use in the ribbed section on top of the oven. Visit www.breville.com. for more information and refer to the Accessories Card enclosed."

                                                                                So it's not too hot to use as a storage spot for a bamboo cutting board. My oven has plenty of side clearance, but sits on a laminate counter (no damage) and 7" below an upper cabinet. The cabinet doesn't get warm at all when running the oven. I store a cast iron skillet on top of mine, and the inside base of the skillet gets warm, but not hot.

                                                                                1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                  FWIW, I've not visited this apartment very often or very recently. But as I look at the photo I see that the existing microwave sticks out 6 or 7 inches from the surrounding cabinet. It occurs to me that I could modify the shelf so that it sticks out an additional 3 or 4 inches so that it would be mostly open on the right side. (I noticed that the Breville has vents... presumably exhaust vents... on the right side).

                                                                                  1. re: apartment_guy

                                                                                    Sure, that would do much to ensure adequate ventilation. The oven (800XL, large one) is ~12.5" deep (w/o handle). The vent begins 2" from the rear and is ~8" long.

                                                                                    if your cabinet is 12" deep, you may have almost enough room already, given the ~3" side clearance.

                                                                                    Here's a thought. Stick an oven thermometer on the shelf behind the oven, run it for 30 minutes or so and check the temperature. It might be just fine.

                                                                                    1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                      AGAIN I say.... Breville itself recommends against putting this oven inside of ANY enclosed space regardless of dimensions.

                                                                                      1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                        From Brevilleusa.com, under "Set Up":

                                                                                        Place the oven on a flat, dry surface. Ensure there is a minimum distance of 4″ (10cm) of space on both sides of the appliance. Ensure there are no items on top of the oven. Once the oven and all of the cleaned parts are dry, insert the washed Crumb Tray into the bottom of the oven, and the plug for the oven can be inserted into the outlet for use."

                                                                                        From the manual, in the Important Safeguards section, where we find the usual warnings about choking hazards, electrical shock and such:

                                                                                        "• When operating the oven, keep a minimum distance of 4" (10cm) of space on both sides of the appliance. This
                                                                                        will allow for adequate air circulation and help prevent the possibility of wall discoloration due to radiated heat."

                                                                                        And farther down in the same section:

                                                                                        "The top of the oven is very hot during and after operation. Do not store any item on top of the oven when in operation. The only exceptions are described on Page 43 - one layer of ceramic plates for warming, and the optional Cutting Board accessory provided by Breville for use in the ribbed section on top of the oven. If the ribbed section is used as a warming tray during operation, protective hot pads or insulated oven mitts should be used when removing heated items. Alternatively, allow the oven to cool down before handling."

                                                                                        Nothing about enclosed spaces, nor about cabinetry overhead, etc... I can't find those warnings at all. Yes, precautions are in order, but this appliance doesn't appear to have any unusual requirements for safe operation.

                                                                                        1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                          <Breville itself recommends against putting this oven inside of ANY enclosed space regardless of dimensions.>

                                                                                          Perhaps they're taking the CYA policy that has become commonplace among large appliance manufacturers?

                                                                                          1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                            Why would anyone want to take the gamble of knowingly, placing a heated metal appliance inside of a wooden cabinet frame.

                                                                                            I am just saying...

                                                                                            1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                              Have you ever felt the top of this over when it is turned on? I have. I burned myself pretty severely. This appliance does not belong inside of a wooden frame, regardless the inches on the sides. The TOP by itself could burn your property down.

                                                                                              Enough said... if this is a risk you want to take, do it. Glad it is not my property involved.

                                                                                              1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                                "The TOP by itself could burn your property down."

                                                                                                No it can't, otherwise the cutting board they sell to go on the top of the oven would have burned up in the years I've owned mine.

                                                                                  2. re: apartment_guy

                                                                                    I think the Breville oven is about as safe as it gets, but good lord no, not in the space detailed in your pic. Your tenant shouldn't do it and it seems you should probably write that into your agreement with them.

                                                                                    1. re: Googs


                                                                                      I still think you'll be fine, especially if you extend the shelf those few inches. Virtually the entire oven will be in the open, with just the one wall on it's left. And that one has some clearance.

                                                                                      1. re: Googs

                                                                                        I could not agree more. Why take the chance. An appliance that generates heat, should never be installed in an enclosed wooden space. Especially if done in a tenant/landlord situation. The potential liability on the part of Landlord is not worth the risk.

                                                                                        1. re: SherryYT

                                                                                          Have you looked at the photo? Not exactly a closed box. The shelf already protrudes away from the cabinet and apartment_guy is considering adding more depth. If he does, the oven will be sitting on an open shelf.

                                                                                          I think more is being made of this than need be.

                                                                                      2. re: apartment_guy

                                                                                        The top clearance isn't a problem as Breville sells a footed cutting board that is about an inch high above the oven and mine has never gotten hot.

                                                                                        1. re: rasputina

                                                                                          Yes, but the materials from which the cutting board is constructed will be tailored to the end use. The same can't be said of this enclosure.

                                                                                          1. re: Googs

                                                                                            And the oven will be mostly outside the cabinet. So there's that.

                                                                                            On the cutting board somehow being specially designed to not warp or delaminate while sitting on top of a super hot oven, I've got nothing. Except to suggest that it's just maybe not all that hot?

                                                                                            1. re: Googs

                                                                                              You mean bamboo? That's what the cutting board is made of. I don't think bamboo has magic heat resistance.

                                                                                              1. re: rasputina

                                                                                                You're right. All woods are sold just as they came from the forest. They're never treated for anything.

                                                                                          2. re: apartment_guy

                                                                                            Forget about your cabinets, you are overlooking a much larger safety issue for the operator: please do NOT install an oven at eye level! Nothing good will come out of this situation, trust me. If the door to it opened on a vertical axis like a microwave, maybe. But opening a hot oven towards your face with a magnet-propelled rack and non-stick surfaces is a quick recipe for tragedy.

                                                                                            1. re: southernimplant

                                                                                              "Magnet-propelled" makes it sound like the rack comes flying out of the oven at high speed. Mine doesn't. With the magnet in the door frame, my rack is pulled 2" out of the oven when the door is opened. Never once in over 3 years of near-daily use has anything ever come close to shooting out of it.

                                                                                              But I decided to test it, as best I can, using Breville's 2-piece enameled broiler pan. First, I tested the empty pan by placing it at the leading edge of the rack. I yanked the door open quickly. The pan slid out to ¼" beyond the front of the rack, consistently. So I began to think you're right.

                                                                                              I loaded the pan with a full can of diet cola (14oz. in weight), nested in one of the pan grooves to prevent movement. Placing the can in the front of the pan and the pan at the front edge of the rack, the pan slid out to ⅜" beyond the rack when the door was yanked. I tried placing the can in various places around the pan, but up front gave it the most momentum and moved the pan the most.

                                                                                              Next I added 2 more soda cans, for a total of over 2.5 pounds of food. This time, the pan slid out ⅝" beyond the lip of the rack.

                                                                                              Okay, we're on to something, yeah? Alas, 4 cans proved too much. The rack didn't even slide out fully, and the pan barely moved on the rack. 2 cans was only a marginal improvement over 1 can.

                                                                                              Note that to make the pan rocket out to ⅝" beyond the rack, the food has to be placed at the front of the pan, and the pan has to be at the very front of the oven. Further tests using different soda can and pan placement didn't bring the pan any father out of the oven.

                                                                                              Also, I found that the most movement took place when the pan was set about 1" back on the rack, pretty much centering it. Doing that, I was able to get the loaded (3 cans) pan to move to the front of the rack, a full 1" slide, even when opening the door normally. But no part of the pan was hanging off the rack, so even with more movement, it doesn't support the hypothesis.

                                                                                              So IME, it's perfectly safe to place this oven at eye level.

                                                                                              1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                                I am not saying that things "rocket" out; sorry if that was the implication. I am merely suggesting there is a good reason ovens are -as a standard- installed closer to the ground, not the ceiling.
                                                                                                That said, I challenge you to do a more representative test of your theory. After all, no one is actually putting soda cans in their toaster oven (except for you I suppose). The way I visualize this, prepare a good 3 pounds of roasted split chicken breast with hot juices pooling in the pan. Next, reach up and open door and extract said 300+ degree item towards your face.
                                                                                                Call me crazy, but I just wouldn't want my tenant doing this.

                                                                                                1. re: southernimplant

                                                                                                  < I am merely suggesting there is a good reason ovens are -as a standard- installed closer to the ground, not the ceiling. >

                                                                                                  A common exception being the many millions of OTR microwaves in U.S. homes, which very often contain baking dishes with plenty of hot liquid. I've not heard anyone sounding the alarm about how dangerous this is.

                                                                                                  <..prepare a good 3 pounds of roasted split chicken breast with hot juices pooling in the pan.>

                                                                                                  Well, if you recall, I found that the MORE weight was in the pan (beyond about 2.5lbs) the LESS it moved when the door was opened.

                                                                                                  You set forth a hypothesis about the "magnet-propelled" rack and nonstick surfaces. It is perfectly clear that the moving rack was your issue. Now that I've tested and disproved your theory, you're changing the test and claiming that NO oven should ever be at eye level and it was never about the moving rack in the first place. Not buying it.

                                                                                        2. I just got my Breville 6 slice toaster convection oven Model number TO241B. I love it so far and it seems to cook evenly. I am impressed that it heats up to the proper temperature. 450 deg is 450 degrees on my cooking gauge. Same as 300 is dead on also. My old toaster oven never did heat up to the right temp. Like with all toaster oven you should take care on where you place it. You wouldn't want to burn or scorch counters or walls. You actually could mount this under the cabinets (if you have a handy person around) but you would have to leave a space for the heat to escape. You wouldn't be saving that much space by install it under the cabinets though. Keep Your microwave though I couldn't live without both of them now :) I love my small oven.

                                                                                          6 Replies
                                                                                          1. re: Irebel

                                                                                            Breville or Bravetti? I don't see a Breville with that model #.

                                                                                            1. re: Leepa

                                                                                              Bravetti sorry I spelled wrong.
                                                                                              I was going to buy the BOV800XL it had great review on it too... But I went down to store to look at it the oven and I thought the door seemed so flimsy and then I couldn't justify spending over 200.00 on sale. I only paid 1000.00 on sale for my self clean gas stove. The way I looked at it was that the BOV800XL was no way 25% of my gas stove. May 10% which equaled 100.00. So I bought the TO241B at canadian T. store on sale for 60.00. It may not be as fancy but I really like and I'm really glad I bought it. It works good :) not sure if I will ever use the rotisserie part, might try it just to try it if you know what I mean.
                                                                                              One more thing :) if the door on the BOV800XL was a lot better I would have bought that one.

                                                                                              1. re: Irebel

                                                                                                < ...I thought the door seemed so flimsy... >

                                                                                                I'm surprised by this. "Flimsy door" is not something one normally reads in Smartoven reviews. The 800XL is my second toaster oven and I've looked at plenty more of them in person. I can't recall any with a more solid door. I'm not saying the door on the Breville is so much better than the rest, but it surely ranks near the top in terms of solid construction.

                                                                                                Mine has been used 2-3 times a day for 3 years and still sits even and closes tightly, just as when it was new.

                                                                                                1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                                  I agree with you that the Bravetti smart ovens are one of the best out there. (My/our opinion of course) I just thought that the door on the 800XL should have been better for the price they wanted. The door on the cheaper one is about the same quality. The only reason I was willing to pay about 250 (give or take) for the top of the line 800XL was due to the insulation factor. But when I seen the door I new the heat loss was going to be more than I thought. I had visions that the 800XL was going to be like a mini oven with insulation and a sealed door. So I decided to go out and examine it myself. It was not a sealed door and it closes just like all the other toaster ovens out there. Probably it is a little better door than most, it was just that I expected better. In my minds eye I had it all figured out :) what it was going to look like. Usually I'm pretty accurate of what I think it is going to be. This time it didn't live up to my expectations. Then I seem this one on sale for 60.00 and thought well I'll try it. I found out that I really like it a lot. Mainly it keeps a proper temperature. You would be surprised how many toaster ovens don't. Now if I had to go out and buy another one I wouldn't think like twice about buy this model from Bravetti again. I think it was one of my best purchases I had in a long time :)
                                                                                                  Watch... now that I said all those good things about it. It will brake down on me. :) like the door came off lol or something like that...

                                                                                                  1. re: Irebel

                                                                                                    I'm glad you like what you got. Somehow or another the fact that the Breville has a toaster oven door doesn't seem surprising to me since it is *in fact* a toaster oven.

                                                                                                    Good to hear about the quality of the Bravetti. I've been through a lot of toaster ovens over the years starting with my first Black and Decker in my 20's (before their quality tanked) and up the ranks through various models of Krups, Delonghi, and now the Breville that I splurged on last year. Quality counts.

                                                                                                    Edited to add: Does the Bravetti have the magnet feature on the door that pulls out the rack when the door opens? That's one of my favorite features of the Breville and one that I'd had on previous ovens (not the Krups, unfortunately). I only wish that my current oven had the magnets for the rack on the bottom level.

                                                                                                2. re: Irebel

                                                                                                  I don't understand the flimsy door comment at all. This isn't my first toaster oven and the Smart Oven has a very sturdy door.

                                                                                            2. I bought my dad one for Christmas, and he loves it. He bought a cart from The Container Store and keeps it on there (storage space underneath). He cooks pizzas and everything in it!

                                                                                              1. I see that this in an old thread but I love my Breville. I had a horrific experience getting my GE Profile repaired last December because 'their technicians were stressed and forgot to test it before they left.' Anyway, it left me with no oven for a New Year's Dinner for 12 people but I ended up doing all of it in the Breville and it worked really well. I like it for slow roasting and I find the broiler works extremely well. I also use it to reheat at a high temperature and try to avoid the microwave as well. Toasting is fine but i would imagine that works well enough on less expensive models as well. It's really great for roasting though and the size is nice.

                                                                                                1. Hello Breville Smart Oven owners,
                                                                                                  I'm considering buying the Breville Smart Oven vs the Breville Compact Smart Oven. I've read through this thread (and lots of other reviews online). I'm convinced that a Breville oven is the way to go - but regarding the larger oven (with convection), how does it work with smaller quantities of food? We'll be using it often for just 2 pieces of toast, or cooking one piece of fish or chicken, etc. and I'm just wondering if it might be better for us to get the smaller oven, even though it does not have convection. OTH, I love the idea of being able to fit a 9x13 pan, pie plate, and 3 qt DO in the large size. Any feedback appreciated and thanks in advance.

                                                                                                  6 Replies
                                                                                                  1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                                                                    I chose to go with the larger Smart Oven and haven't regretted it. I regularly toast two pieces of toast or bake one potato and haven't had any problems at all.

                                                                                                    1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                                                                      We have the Compact and love it; a pie plate fits just fine. If I need to make something large I will turn on the wall oven, but since it is usually just the two of us, the Compact works out great without giving up too much counter space.

                                                                                                      1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                                                                        The larger one is fine with small quantities - I used mine just this morning for one piece of toast. No problem at all. If you have the room for it, it's worth having the extra capacity for those times you need it.

                                                                                                        1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                                                                          Hi Mrs Patmore,

                                                                                                          We've got the large oven and often toast one English muffin, a single slice of bread or a single bagel. Yesterday we re-heated a bunch of ribs for lunch for us and two of our grandsons.

                                                                                                          We've never regretted it. The only thing is that you'll want to flip your toast at some point to make sure both sides get toasted. We mostly do English muffins (on the toast setting) and bagels (bagel setting), both of which come out perfect. so toast isn't as big a deal for us. Even with the need to flip, it still toasts better than my old toaster oven.

                                                                                                          I don't know if the small oven shares this fault. The big oven is so versatile that we consider this a very minor thing, easily avoided.

                                                                                                          1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                                                                            We bought the deluxe model 800XL in November 2012. Suddenly while toasting an English muffin it died last month (Sept 2014). That was the second English muffin and just prior to that the oven had warmed leftover pizza at 350 for 8 minutes in convection mode. We are out of warranty and the best Breville can do other than a $119 repair fee is 40 % off a new one (150 for new). A $ 250 toaster oven should NOT fail in just under 2 years. Many folks have posted similar complaints on other sites. Seems what often fails is the thermal fuse mounted inside the case. It is difficult to open the case and get to the fuse. There is a company that sells the part for around $5.00 and 5 for shipping. Some people have gone to Radio Shack and bought a package of three fuses for $5.00. I'll test my fuse and if dead will try to replace it. Meanwhile I'm pretty bummed out that a $250 toaster oven failed so fast. Probably poor quality parts in the construction. In the past have baked foods at 425 or 450 with no problems, but really unhappy right now with Breville. We liked it until it died.

                                                                                                            1. re: Phred90

                                                                                                              UPDATE - Went to Radio Shack and bought 2 new fuses and pkg of butt connectors. Took out old dead part, crimped in a new one and assembled enough screws to hold case together for a test. Oven again working for about $3.00 in parts and a bunch of labor(mine). You need to be limber to reinstall the fuse in the case or have an assistant to hold in place while you reinstall assembly blind. The case metal is sharp so watch hands. Many of the screw holes were not aligned or slightly stretched out or on the bottom rear edge deformed indicating the case back was forced together when it was built. Not apparent unless you need to open the case, pull the 30 to 40 screws and then reassemble it. As long as it continues to work I can live with that. Once I got to the dead fuse, the actual repair took about 10 minutes since I never did it before. Hope that I never have to do it again but it will be a faster repair. I like my oven again.