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Jan 24, 2010 10:52 AM

Korean in Manhattan

Hello fellow hounds - in from SF and looking for great Korean barbecue for a friend who has never had any! Flexible on location, atmosphere and price but not on food. Any recommendations and why?

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  1. Are you willing to go to Flushing or do you just want to stay in K-town? If she/he doesn't want to smell too strongly of bbq, Seoul Garden is friendly to newbies. For better ambiente, Don's Bogam on 32nd--they have green tea pork belly and wine marinated ribs. I personally prefer Chungmuro. These are all on 32nd street in K-town Manhattan. BBQ will be better in Flushing; the places above aren't the best but have something to offer. And the bbq is above average. The dduk ssam at Korea Garden might be cool for someone who's never done Korean bbq.

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      Thanks Diablofoodie - I think we need to stay in Manhattan - hard to get him out of midtown. Will check out the above.

    2. mangdasui gets a lot of love


        my favorite Korean BBQ is at Madangsui on 35th. Don's has a better atmosphere, but they give very few side dishes and and is generally more expensive, especially where soju is concerned.

        the best atmosphere is at Woo Lae Oak or Bahn, but they're less authentic and definitely more pricey.

        1. Wom Jo at 23 W 32 gets my vote. They use live charcoal and always fill my table w great banchan.