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Jan 24, 2010 10:49 AM

Pizzeria Mozza

I thought I had come up with a clever idea. Have an early dinner at Mozza and then order 3 pizzas to go for Sunday football watching game day. I had planned on ordering one dish at a time so this wouldn’t be an in and out one hour meal. Our server convinced me to order everything, including take-out, at the same time, assuring me that he would slowly pace the meal. His idea of pacing and mine are very different. My husband described this meal as “And they are off – you have to make the finish line in 62 minutes.” If the food had been good, I might have handled it better. This has to rank as the one of the worst meals ever. At least 3 of the dishes will make the worst dishes of 2010 – quite an accomplishment.

Chicken livers, capers, parsley and guanciale bruschette – excellent – I ended up giving my half to my husband because I didn’t want to fill up. What a mistake as this was the best dish of the night.

Within five minutes, the next course was served – pacing not even close.

Fried Squash blossoms with ricotta – our server said this was a favorite antipasti at Mozza. Why? Tiny fried blossoms with a teaspoon of ricotta stuffed inside is not a wonderful stuffed squash blossom. We each ate one blossom.

To replace the arancine, I ordered the bone marrow al forno. I was looking forward to lovely roasted bone marrow like at Church and State and Comme Ca. No such luck.
Being from Boston, I love Ipswich clams so of course I ordered the Ipswich clam pizza. Someone in the kitchen is in love with red pepper because that is all you tasted. The clams were buried in “heat” and basically the pie was inedible – one bite only. Full charge.

Egg, bacon, Yukon gold potatoes and Bermuda onions – this was decent and at least edible.

We canceled our take-out order which made the maitre d’ or GM furious. We had planned on ordering dessert and coffee while the take-out was being made so we can’t be accused of leaving them with already made pizzas, unless they decided to make them ahead of time. We paid the bill and after 62 minutes, we were in the car driving home hungry, weary, and poorer. In retrospect, if we had ordered one dish at a time, we would have left after the arancine and gone to Craftbar, Bazzar or Spago. Anything would have better than this disaster.

Pics here:

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    1. That bone marrow looked disgusting. Thanks for the report and the photographs. I liked the comparisons, especially those of the bone marrow served elsewhere.

      1. Funny, I was at P. Mozza this weekend also.

        Meatballs al forno: delicious, flavorful, a nice hint of heat on the back end

        Mozza Caprese: roasted cherry tomatoes and some of the most delicious burrata I've ever had

        Ipswich clam pizza. decent, not my favorite. I felt this pie was garlicky and had a nice hint of spice but defintely not "buried in heat".

        Finnochiona with fresno chiles. Delicious. One of my favorites at Mozza. I'm not someone that craves heat or likes to eat super spicy foods, but I also like the fact that Mozza is not afraid to use spice and bold flavors.

        Budino- delicious genius

        Olive Oil gelato- I first had this at Otto in NYC and the version here is just as subtle and wonderful.

        I washed everything down with a bottle of wonderful pinot nero for under $50.

        Everything, including the bottle of wine was $130, which I felt was quite reasonable for the amount of food and the quality of food. The music was loud but I had no problems with conversation.

        We walked away completely happy and satisfied. Visit #7 or so.

        1. The question that came to my mind is "do you think that sitting down at 4:27 to 5:27 on a Saturday afternoon that the regular chef(s) where overseeing your food preparation (the A-Team not scheduled to begin their shift until later) ? "

          - Or, to put it another way - Did you suffer at the hands of the Sorcerer's Apprentice ?

          Your experience was so much different than Porthos'.

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          1. re: JBC

            JBC, maybe, but they were packed - we had to wait for them to set our table - not one table was empty and the bar was full as well. If you are that busy, maybe the A team should be there.

            1. re: lizziee

              I was also there this weekend. As always it was aamazing meal.
              Meatball were amazing/
              Mussels were in a great broth, cooked just right.
              Nancy's chopped salad as always was great.
              We orded 3 pizza and they were all great/
              It's mott a place you go for a 3 hour meal. We were done witgh our meal within 90 minutes.

          2. Lizziee--

            Your review and pics were extrodinarily fair. I no longer order the squash blossoms there as the ones at Westside tavern as SO much more superior.


            And the Arrancini at Terroni are just so amazing, no one comes close...


            That being said, I still ADORE Mozza, namely their Asparagus and Egg Pie and their Brussel Sprouts. It's one of my favorite pop in meals... just jump on a bar stool, order a good bear and be happy for the rest of the day (And the following because I always have left overs. :D)