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Jan 24, 2010 10:25 AM

Tomorrow New Larger Premises & Location

On Monday Jan. 25th there will be Caruso Gourmet Pizza will re-open at a new location, still in Bolton, much larger premises and certainly from information and appearance, it will be terrific! The website is! Everything the family has done for decades has been superb, so in anticipation, this announcement for your consideration!! --- Sorry, the new location 212 Queen St. S. next to street on south side and entrance to the Albion Bolton Community Centre on the north.

Caruso Gourmet Pizza
334 Queen St S, Bolton, ON L7E2N9, CA

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  1. On opening day, terrific, great ongoing best gourmet pizza. So busy, did talk to owners, I was around a short time, but I have to ask more when things are a bit quieter, no crowds for me please.Will have questions, it is mentioned a 5.30 a.m. drive through for coffee, hmmmm!!! Lots of seating for family or buses passing through, a big change!!! On Monday, a day they used to be closed in the past, a lot of customers, new and regulars and from the old staffing of a several people to maybe 6, there were 2 cash registers operating instead of 1 and my look saw about 20 employees!!! The Caruso family = great food, care, and devotion to their enterprise!!