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Jan 24, 2010 10:12 AM

Driving from Raleigh to Texarkana

Starting Thursday, we'll be driving from Raleigh to Texarkana over several days. We'll take I-40, through Knoxvlle, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock, and then I-30 to Texarkana (and then on to the Texas board). I am eager for suggestions on places near (within 10 miles of) the interstate -- preferably in smaller cities and towns --.that serve up local specialties. It is good if in addition to any local high-calorie, fat-laden local specialty, there is something lighter on the menu for my much more sensible spouse. "Lighter" includes chicken (not fried), seafod, salads. I plan to search the boards for places in the larger cities -- there seems to be a good bit on Memphis and Nashville, but I certainly welcome any updates. (Note: I'm not sure where we'll stop for the evening, other than Memphis.)

Many thanks for your suggestions. .

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  1. I'm from Texarkana originally. If passing through there at mealtime, you have to stop at Bryce's Cafeteria on Summerhil Road at I-30, right on the interstate. One of the last, great original Southern cafeterias. Can get all sorts of food there - my favorite is the fried fish, and the mac and cheese. But there are lots of healthier options too. Or if you want a burger, hit TLC Burgers downtown - about 10 minutes off the interstate. In Little Rock and maybe another city you'll pass thru, try Doe's Eat Place for an excellent steak in a really bare-bones atmosphere. Great place. Good luck!

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      Thanks for the tips. we'll stop in Texarkana both going and coming, and there just aren't enough good cafeterias any more.. And I;ve eaten at Doe's in Greeneville and loved it